Hurricane Harvey – After The Storm; The Recovery Process

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(Last Updated On: October 7, 2017)

Hurricane Harvey has created an impressive resume to add to the history books for catastrophic flooding and devastation in the state of Texas. Harvey’s introduction to our great state allows us to keep true to the famous tagline “Everything is bigger in Texas”. You can now add storms and flooding to the list. Now that Harvey has passed the recovery process begins. The term recovery is common place for those looking to abate an addiction. The ultimate destination of recovery in this scenario is to live a meaningful life without the addiction. There are many documented steps of recovery with common undertones.

For this article, I will be highlighting the 5 Stages of Recovery; Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM) to make my correlations.

Step 1: Pre-Contemplation Stage, (The Denial Stage)

It is still hard to believe that Hurricane Harvey dumped trillions of gallons of water on Texas and in our great city of Houston. It is hard to accept that within a day and a half some people lost everything that it took them years to acquire and build. When the rain stopped and the water resides the true impact of Harvey begins to take its toll on our emotions. It’s ok to be angry, cry, and question what just happened. These are normal emotions and must be experienced in order to go through the recovery process. Salvage what you can of your belongings, mementoes and keepsakes and give yourself permission to grieve over those that were lost.

Rebuild: Something to Consider.

A way to prevent this occurrence from happening again is to consider electronic documentation storage. Technology through a secure online documentation storage vault called “Tenzing”, will allow you to maintain your important files, pictures, passwords and the like all electronically.

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Step 2: Contemplation Stage, (Uncertainty and Conflicting Emotions Stage)

GET HELP! No one has ever said the recovery process was going to be easy. Struggling with thoughts of despair and feeling overwhelmed are inevitable. Not having a place to call home, loss of income, your business, your vehicle, and those who have lost loved ones can even expect to experience depression. Don’t deny these emotions, address them. Reach out to a professional for help. Every recovery program has a support system. Find a support system or group to be able to address your emotional well-being.

Rebuild: Something to Consider.

Here are a few links that may be of assistance to you for support.

Step 3: Preparation Stage

Assess your damage and create a plan to REBUILD. Contact insurance adjusters, FEMA, leasing companies, creditors, your employers, colleagues, business associates, vendors, and the like and notify them of your loss. Be humble! This is not the time to hide behind pride. You have experienced a loss and you will need time and consideration from others to recover. Follow up with all pertinent agencies handling your claims and cases. Set alarms and tickers to remind you to place these calls as you will probably have a laundry list of things to do. Write down your action items and tackle them in order of importance. Stay the course until all task are complete. GET HELP with some of the smaller task that you can delegate. Be cautious of scams, disaster predators, and price gougers who are looking to benefit financially from your loss. Seek advice and services from people you trust. Be obedient to your instinct.

Rebuild: Something to Consider.

In some cases, people will need to rebuild their homes, and replace vehicles and possessions. In all cases we need to rebuild our financial foundation. The component of our financial foundation that will require the most attention is our EMERGENCY FUND. Harvey will most likely eat up most if not all our emergency funds. A Personal Financial Strategy is imperative to secure success in rebuilding your financial foundation, emergency fund and overall financial house. Contact The Houston Housewives of Finance (Official) for a complimentary strategy session at 1-844-700-4463 or email to schedule an appointment today. Rebuild your financial house to withstand any future catastrophic events.

Stage 4. Action Stage

Collect on your claims, choose your contractors, pay your creditors, re-open your business, return to work/school, replace necessities and work your recovery plan! You will want to restore normalcy as soon as possible but please be realistic. Hurricane Harvey patiently ripped through our great city. You may have to be patient with service providers and contractors to reach a point of restoration. Be patient with your loved ones, colleagues, on the roads and with yourself. Set reasonable goals and expectations. Be careful not to splurge, overspend and create mounds of debt in the recovery process. BE WISE with your money.

Rebuild: Something to Consider.

Make sure you have a BUDGET for EVERY EXPENSE! It is important NOW more than ever before to have an accountability for your money. Contact The Houston Housewives of Finance (Official) for a complimentary budget planning session at 1-844-700-4463 or email

Stage 5. Maintenance and Relapse Prevention

We have no control over “Mother Nature” or natural disasters. Hurricane season will always be a concern on the Gulf Coast. How we prepare for these events is in our control. Do what you can to prepare. Acquire the PROPER PROTECTION for your ASSETS and YOU as the creator of those assets. Harvey made the entire city a FLOOD ZONE. You may want to now consider flood insurance if you didn’t before. Securing electronic documentation storage for your legacy, financial documents, pictures, and the like should be strongly considered. Making sure you have proper protection on you and your family to replace your economic value in the event of a loss of a loved one. Understanding that people cannot be replaced but proper protection can help tremendously in the recovery and restoration process. Building a six-month supply of emergency funds to be able to mitigate some of the cost in the recovery and restoration process and prevention of accumulating unwanted debt. Learn how to be a proactive participant in securing peace of mind for you and your family in the wake of a natural disaster.

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Life always finds a way to emerge through devastation – LaShonda Johnson

LaShonda Johnson & Toni Sanders

About the Author: LaShonda Johnson is a licensed certified financial educator. She is also a founder of Hou$ton Hou$ewives of Finance where, “Our clients mean the world to us! To be able to change a life financially is a very rewarding mission. Each principle here at HHF started like everyone else, letting our finances manage our lives. We all knew how to work hard for money and how to spend money. As we embraced the powerful impact of learning how to manage our finances, we each realized that we wanted to teach others how to accomplish what we have – a solid financial foundation!” Please visit our website at: Hou$ton Hou$ewives of Finance.

Hurricane Harvey – After The Storm; The Recovery Process