Ride to Revenge premieres at River Oaks Theatre

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(Last Updated On: June 20, 2017)

A new independent film by Grade A Media director and filmmaker, Squrilla Montana, executive produced by Ronald Brooks and co-written by Derrick Williams and Kristine Newsome, premiered Friday night at the River Oaks Theatre.

Cast members include Iron Mike, Johnathon Fontana, Ronald Brooks, Lorena Cruz and Cadilac Louis.

Photo credit: Celebrity Pictures Wiki

Ride to Revenge is an action-packed film that takes a peek into the life of the main character, Fred, played by rapper Iron Mike, who loses his job and takes on a temporary job to make ends meet for his family.

Iron Mike delivers in the film’s starring role as a struggling family man down on his luck and looking to get back on his feet as an UBER driver only to open the door to a shady European passenger who offers him money to detour from his regular route in a secret plot to take revenge on a cheating lover.

The film’s lead character soon finds out that “all money is not good money” when his decision triggers a chain of events that have law enforcement questioning his involvement and places his family in harm’s way in a scheme that transforms his first day on the job into a ride for revenge.

Johnathon Fontana brings the suspense with his portrayal of a scorned man driven to destroy everything in his path.

Shot in the streets of Downtown Houston and surrounding areas of the city, the fast moving film kept audience members at the movie’s premiere on the edge of their seats from start to finish as emotion-filled twists and turns bring the movie to its climactic end.

The independent film is the third movie project of Montana whose previous film releases include “I Crush The Movie: Internet Crush” and “Muscle.” 

The film is rated “R” for scenes depicting violence and bloodshed.

Ride to Revenge premieres at River Oaks Theatre