Project P.U.S.H. conference pushes women from ‘Fear to Fear-ce’

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(Last Updated On: October 26, 2017)

Photo caption: l-r, Jalene Mack; Kelly Trevino; CleRenda McGrady; Michelle Smith; Gretchen Sheirr and Tera Stidum | Photo credit: Project P.U.S.H.

Hundreds of women took part in the 3rd Annual Women Who P.U.S.H. conference on Saturday at The Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Houston. The event was hosted by CleRenda McGrady, Project P.U.S.H. founder and author of “Push Thru! Redefine and Create Your Own Success Story.”

McGrady kicked off the day of inspiration and empowerment by reading an excerpt from her best-selling book that chronicled her experience in middle school of confronting a childhood bully. She then challenged attendees to confront their own inner “bullies” by identifying those internal “Sabbys” that have immobilized or caused them to become stuck from fulfilling their purpose.

The day-long event featured a powerful line-up of speakers, including entertainment attorney Jalene Mack; motivational speaker, Michelle Smith; Gretchen Sheirr, vice president of sales and service for the Houston Rockets; Kelly Trevino, regional director of the Better Business Bureau; psychotherapist, Nettie Jones; and news producer and SheDatesSavvy creator, Tera Roberson Stidum, who shared a wealth of life and purpose-affirming nuggets. Each speaker shared insights from their personal journeys with attendees.

“Don’t allow fear to immobilize you.” ~ CleRenda McGrady

“Don’t stay in those places that don’t serve you.” ~ CleRenda McGrady

“Don’t stay in isolation, you can’t grow in isolation. Everybody needs a mentor or counselor or someone that can speak wise counsel into your life.” ~ Nettie Jones

“If you are always making plans and not executing you are doing yourself a disservice.” ~ Jalene Mack

“Learn how to adapt, learn how to propel, learn the timing of things and cover things with grace.” ~ Michelle Smith

“Make sure you are giving back and make sure the women that surround you celebrate your successes.” ~ Gretchen Sheirr

“It is important to empower other women. If we light the candles for every women in this room we are going to light it up.” ~ Kelly Trevino

Audience moderator, Tera Roberson Stidum shared her inspiring story of success as a producer for the Dr. Phil Show, Divorce Court and other shows only to find herself at a crossroads of achieving an immensely successful career but feeling unsatisfied. She encouraged women to have the courage to take a leap of faith that feels right to them and to block out the voices of individuals that do not understand your personal path and journey.

During the event, McGrady invited participants to place their personal “Sabbys” on a board and leave behind limiting behaviors that hinder their success.  Some of the behaviors included, “Pleasing Others,” “Doing Too Much,” “Not Knowing How to Delegate and Accept Help,” “Putting Others Before Self,” “Fear,” “Shame,” and “Playing Small.”Attendees then joined hands in a “Circle of Sisterhood” to signify the importance of women empowering one another to PUSH to the next level in their personal lives, careers and businesses.

Near the close of the day, McGrady awarded four $2,500 checks to women who were impacted by the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Supporters of the event included Nouveaux Dimensions, Chef Rey, Salinas Solutions, Gaston Productions, Harris Design, Tanya Colbert, 8 Degrees PR, DJ Supastar, Kiera Denise, Daptwa Productions and Quentin Pollard, Alexa Parra, Ultimate Personnel Solutions, A Savoire Affair, The Tax Queens, Smahrt Girl Foundation, Tanya Colbert & Crew, Intuitive Dance & Drum, SugarBuzz Candy, and Will Power Fitness.

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Project P.U.S.H. conference pushes women from ‘Fear to Fear-ce’