Content Standards & Attribution Guidelines

Content Standards

Our writers are encouraged to contribute original content that meets the following standards:

We started the Empower Magazine Writers Program to provide you with a platform to give aspiring writers a voice to share their expertise and showcase their work—but we must ask our team members to follow a few important guidelines.


Find story ideas and generate original content that complements Empower Magazine’s mission.


Do not plagiarize content from other sources.


Do not submit any content that includes profane language, nudity or sexually explicit descriptions or photos.

Attribution Guidelines

Thorough and accurate attribution is paramount to achieving best practices in journalism. At Empower Magazine, we challenge our team of columnists to provide high quality content.

Reference the source (a “must” to achieving credibility)

  • Includes direct quotes, photo credits, research statistics, etc.

Verify content accuracy

  • Link to source material. Verify sources when applicable.
    • Never copy content unless you are using block quotes, linking back to the source, and adding to the conversation.
    • All attributed content must be sourced to published statements from verified sources.

As a member of the Empower Magazine Writers Program, you must abide by content and attribution guidelines. Violation of the EMWP policies may result in a removal from the program depending on the circumstance. It is not our goal to remove participants from the EMWP. Thank you for being an important part of the program.

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