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1. Program Goal. The Empowering Writers Program provides a launching pad for aspiring writers who are seeking to develop a portfolio of writing samples and clips to assist them in their career pursuits. We are looking for potential writers to join our team of featured writers and columnists who possess the following:

  • Flair for Writing. We are seeking individuals with a gift for writing and a sense of style and flair in a manner that engages our readers, whets their appetites, and keeps them coming back for more.
  • Expertise and Passion. We are looking for writers who have a passion for one of our departments, including Entertainment, Movies, Travel, Legal, Real Estate, Business, Technology, Fashion & Beauty, Health & Wellness, Fitness, Cooking, International and more.
  • Previous Writing Experience. If you have written for print media or an online blog with a committed following or for your college newspaper or had your work published in print or online, you may have what it takes to write for Empower Magazine.

2. Who We Are. TheEmpowerMag.com is an online business, entertainment and community interest magazine.  We are continually on the look-out for inspirational business, community and entertainment stories that motivate our readers to take their own leap of faith in following their dreams.

3. What We Provide. The Empowering Writers Program provides each participant with access to the EM professional webmaster who will train you to post your original content in the Empower Magazine writer’s portal. Training will be conducted by means of several online web seminars. The EM webmaster will describe our standards, provide tips for effective online writing, guide you in optimizing your article for SEO placement and guide you in the principles of writing engaging headlines and complementing your work with permission-based clip art and images.

4. Assessing Your Work. All writers are ultimately measured by their success in winning the hearts and minds of their readers. At EM we can help you prove your worth by exposing your articles to a steadily growing audience of EM followers.

5. Original Submissions. Empower Magazine is in the business of empowering writers, not restraining them. If you are selected to join the EM Team, you’ll be at liberty to choose:

  • The topics of your articles. However diverse or obscure your writing interests may be, you can speak your mind to your heart’s content within the boundaries of EM’s content standards.
  • The timing of your submissions. You’ll never find yourself working under an involuntary deadline with Empower Magazine, nor will there ever be anything to stop you from posting your analysis of a timely topic as soon as the news breaks.
  • The frequency of your participation. Members of  our EM Writers Program will be required to publish at least once a week.

6. Personal and Professional Accomplishments. As a member of the EM Writers Program, you’ll be free to chase private goals and public recognition in the form of:

  • Awards for outstanding articles.
  • Quarterly honors in EM’s Top Writer competition.
  • Spotlight opportunities in EM’s Featured Columnist Program.

7. Tenure in Program. Your membership in the EM Writers Program will be determined by the EM Executive staff, and will consist of:

  • an initial 90-day training period.
  • an annual review for membership renewal.
  • possible opportunities to write for the quarterly Empower Magazine-print edition.

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Application Tips and Guidelines

Welcome to the Empower Magazine Writer Program Application—and congratulations on choosing to gain membership in the EM’s exclusive club of talented and entertaining journalists.

Before you dive in…

If you’re ready to submit an application, you can maximize your chances of acceptance by heeding three key bits of advice as you prepare your writing sample:

  • Focus Your Effort – Your writing sample should take the form of an article that you’d expect us to publish on EM today. To that end, you’ll want to choose a timely and compelling subject. You’ll also want to be sure that your submission meets the criteria outlined in our Content Standards and Attribution Guidelines.
  • Showcase Your Skill – We’re looking for candidates who can present well-reasoned and well-crafted work. In order to make the best possible first impression, you should study our Style Guide for tips on the finer points of online composition.
  • Polish Your Work – This should go without saying: our Writer Selection Team values applications that are free of spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors. You should expect that only a select fraction of applicants will be accepted into the EM Writers Program. There’s a waiting period before any rejected candidate can reapply.

Still not sure what we expect?

Above all else, remember that the EM Writers Program Application is the only basis we have for judging prospective candidates. We would love to welcome you into Empower Magazine’s community of high-achieving authors, but before we can do so, you must put your best foot forward during our application process.

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