Skincare and Makeup Product Tips

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(Last Updated On: June 25, 2020)

By Jane Perkins (Contributing Freelance Writer)

Can Skincare Products Hurt Your Skin?

Beauty is now a gender-neutral industry, valued at 532 billion dollars. Some skincare products that are supposed to make us look and feel more attractive may actually do more harm than good, thanks to questionable additives. It’s important to be knowledgeable about exactly what you are applying to your skin. You should also consider the source of your skincare products from a social justice perspective. There are safer ways to buy for our skin beauty that support the efforts of hard-working and innovative Black entrepreneurs. That’s a win-win, right?

Does talcum powder cause ovarian cancer?  

Sometimes, there is a bit of confusion about what is safe. One example is talcum powder, which is present in a lot of beauty and skincare products. In recent years, many women have veered away from using products that contain this type of powder. They believe talcum powder raises the risk of ovarian cancer. However, a 2020 study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association showed that women who use products with talcum are not at greater risk for this form of cancer; even when they use the products in genital areas, excluding the perineum. So, swiping on a little powder bronzer, blush, or setting powder is definitely not going to boost the odds of ovarian cancer in women. 

Mineral oils may trigger acne breakouts

In other cases, there is good reason to be wary of certain additives in beauty/skincare products, including mineral oils. Many dermatologists won’t put these types of oils on their own complexions, but why? Well, for a lot of people, mineral oil is a trigger for acne because it has the capacity to clog up pores. It may cause blackheads or pimples of all sizes. Unfortunately, you’ll find mineral oil in a ton of beauty and skincare products. It’s also in a lot of perfumes and colognes. If clear skin is your priority, switching to products that are free of mineral oil may help you to realize your best skin ever. 

Scented products can cause skin irritation and breathing problems

From a health perspective, you may also want to skip products with fragrance, especially if you’re an allergy sufferer. While fragrance in skin products and makeup can smell delicious, it can also trigger adverse reactions from skin eruptions to redness and beyond. Fragrances are considered sensitizers. That means that some people react badly to scented products. Men’s Health reports that 17% of people exposed to fragrance experience respiratory health problems. So, go fragrance-free if scented products seem to irritate your skin or your respiratory tract.

Buy safe products from Black entrepreneurs

If this article has inspired you to switch to purer, safer products, why not buy them from talented Black entrepreneurs? Popular skincare/makeup blog, Into the Gloss, reports that its readers love Klur, Golde, and Mary Louise cosmetics, to name just three stellar, Black-owned brands. Supporting these exceptional brands is a great way to access superb skincare and cosmetics, as you also support the Black community.  Now that you know more about skin care and makeup ingredients to avoid, as well as how to find Black-owned products that really deliver, why not do a little shopping online? Switching to safer products will be an excellent way to enjoy great skin. When you choose unscented products without mineral oils, your body will thank you. 

Skincare and Makeup Product Tips