Houston broker finds passion in real estate and fitness

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(Last Updated On: May 12, 2017)

Shandale Eaglin left behind a six-figure job in corporate America and set out on a journey that led her to discover her passion for real estate and helping people. A graduate of Lamar University with a degree in communications and public relations, she overcame a childhood speech impediment to carve out a successful career traveling the country speaking to educators as a sales and marketing manager for The Wall Street Journal, a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Co., and Bloomberg Businessweek.

In April 2007, she transitioned those skills into a career in the real estate industry as an agent for Century 21 and was captivated by the opportunity to help individuals and families pursue homeownership. Six years later, Eaglin Realty was born, a full service real estate brokerage firm serving the Katy, Spring, Cypress, Woodlands and Houston Metroplex areas.

As a licensed realtor and broker, Eaglin prides herself as an ultimate matchmaker as she pairs individuals and families with their dream homes. Equal parts Claire Huxtable and Erica Kane, she brings professionalism, knowledge and drive topped off with impeccable style as she serves the needs of homebuyers, sellers and investors.

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“I have always loved the fact that folks are entrusting me with their largest investment; that kind of hooked me. I would be on the way to closing and would say to myself, ‘this is amazing I am actually getting paid for this,'” shared Eaglin.

Eaglin’s transparency and keen focus on looking out for the well being and needs of her clients set her apart from the competition. As a top sales producer, she prepares her clients from start to closing in a quest to locate homes and properties that suit their needs.  An avid marathon runner, she brings the same passion and dogged determination to cross the finish line in a race to her clients’ real estate transactions.

“I run a half-marathon at least once a year and I like running because when you are tired and you want to give up in a real estate transaction, I am the realtor that is going to get you to the finish line,” said Eaglin.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Eaglin is motivated by her passion, not profits, and believes in giving her clients the royal treatment. She provides every seller with a complimentary pre-listing inspection and every buyer with a complimentary home inspection with funds reimbursed to clients at closing.

“I thought for the longest that I wasn’t successful and winning as an agent because I wasn’t only proud of my volume, instead I was mostly proud of my clients and the way they feel about me years after the transaction. I always show them that I care about their well being after we leave the closing table,” Eaglin explained.

Her own personal experience with a painful divorce involving real estate issues also led Eaglin to obtain certification as a real estate collaboration specialist – divorce (RCS-D™), a professional program written and taught by Kelly Lise Murray who earned her J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School and is an instructor in law at Vanderbilt Law School and Wendy Waselle, developer of the RCS-D™ marketing system.

Using this certification, Eaglin assists homeowners, lawyers and mediators in negotiating the divorce property settlement process in a fair and equitable manner.

The Houston native lives out her company’s motto, “Exercise Your Option to Have the Best,” as she guides her clients in finding the homes and properties that match their desires and tastes. It is a philosophy she also applies to health and fitness.

“I have lost a lot of family members, grandmothers included, because they made decisions about their lives and just didn’t know better, but so many of us know better, and we keep doing the same things,” said Eaglin.

Her desire to encourage others to live healthy lifestyles became more pronounced when her father suffered a stroke and heart attack in 2016.

“He thankfully survived and today is the poster child for recovery and fitness,” shared Eaglin.

Two years after walking away from a comfortable career with benefits, Eaglin is laser focused on her passion to not only help clients find their dream homes, but commit to healthy lifestyles.

“It saddens me to see so many of us just going through the motions and not taking care of the only body that God gave you and when you screw it up it is hard to rewind,” said Eaglin.

Eaglin will join certified Pilates instructor and nutritionist, Crystal Hadnott, owner of Synergy Total Holistic Health and Wellness on May 20, 5-7 p.m. at The Work Lodge, located at 118 Vintage Park Blvd. #W, Houston, Texas 77070 and encourages the public to register to attend.

For more information on Eaglin’s real estate services, visit www.eaglinrealty.com.

Houston broker finds passion in real estate and fitness