Simplify Your Life with Estell Porter: Easter Eggs the Natural Way

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(Last Updated On: April 23, 2014)

By Estell Porter, Simply Your Life, EM Columnist

My mother made each season special.  After Christmas we girls looked forward to our annual Easter Egg hunt.  This would occur in the lot next to our house after church on Easter.  But before the eggs could be hidden, they had to be boiled and dyed.  This was fun for us back when putting colors on everything was allowed.

We used crayons, string and pencils to make the designs on our eggs and waited to see whose would look the best. We had polka dot, watermelon rind, heart, and balloon designs. It’s amazing what a little wax and string can do.

These were great family times and created memories that still make me smile today.

With Easter right around the corner, you too can make a lifetime memory with your child/children or if you have no children, gather some friends and color some eggs.   It will be fun and laughter will abound.

Although my mom used food grade colors when we colored our eggs, there are many “Natural colors” that can be used to color your eggs.  So, get your creativity out along with some candle wax or crayons, string, rubber bands, etc. and try the natural colors below.

Natural Food Dyes:

Turmeric = Yellow-  1 tsp mixed  in ¾ hot cup, with a splash of vinegar.
Chili Pepper = Orange/Red – 1 tbsp in ¾ cup hot water (boil for 30 seconds). Add 1 tsp of vinegar
Coffee = Brown – 1 cup cooled leftover coffee, with a splash of vinegar.
Onion Skins = Tan – Boil the eggs in 1 cup water with the skins of 3 or 4 onions.
Beet Juice = Pink – 1 cup beet juice, with 1 tsp vinegar

FYI – The colors take longer to sink in compared to commercial dyes, so let them soak for at least 10 minutes.


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Simplify Life with Estell Porter:  Easter Eggs the Natural Way