Simplify Your Life with Estell Porter: Garage Sales Made Easy

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(Last Updated On: April 14, 2014)

by Estell Porter, EM Lifestyles Columnist.

Pick almost any city or town in the country; drive through any middle-class neighborhood or residential area on any weekend and you’re sure to spot at least a half dozen garage sales. And what’s being sold at these garage sales? The accumulated “junk” that a lot of people no longer use or want taking up space in or around their homes.

You don’t necessarily need a garage to hold a garage sale, but you do need to know the secrets of success. To be really profitable, you must know how to conduct a sale and exercise careful planning.

Garage sales are like any other form of business. To get the most money out of your garage sale, you have to know what you are doing. You have to be acquainted with the market, advertise your sale , offer competitive prices and quality merchandise.

The problem is, most people just don’t have the time or energy to gather up all the items taking up space around their homes and stage a garage sale to get rid of them. Believe it or not, many people really don’t know how to stage a garage sale; and a lot of people feel that putting on a garage sale is just too much bother and work.

Five Steps to a Successful Garage Sale

1. Schedule a date for your garage sale. (get others to join in with you) – Whole neighborhood garage sales are a big thing nowadays. Generally Thursday and Friday’s are good days to host a sale.

2. Select your merchandise. Get all the items that you no longer use or need; ask family members for their items too.

3. Price your items. Your goal is to move the items from your place to someone else’s, so in order to make the sale, don’t overprice them.  Some money is better than putting the item back in your home. Cut the prices in half around noon or 1 p.m. as most garage sellers shop early.

4. Advertise your event garage sale one week in advance. (including social media avenuessites) One week before your event

5. Make your Garage Sale easy to find. Make sure your signage is easy to follow and use as many signs as is necessary to accomplish this.

$ell, $ell, $ell


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Simplify Your Life with Estell Porter: Garage Sales Made Easy