Simplify Your Life with Estell Porter |The Importance of Touch

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(Last Updated On: April 25, 2014)

I recently heard a story of how connected we all are with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.  But the story had a sad ending.

The young woman that was so “connected” was depressed to the point of suicide.  Friends and family alike were shocked.  No one knew the level of her depression.  Certainly, she looked happy on her posted pictures and seemed to be very involved with her tweets and was always doing something “exciting.”

Now this is my opinion, you may of course disagree, but I’m sticking to it.

We have become the most connected, disconnected society in history.

With our daily access to media, the Internet, our phones, we tend to personally interact with others less and less.  From businesses that have us talking to computers to our personal lives where we text, tweet and share our most minute details over the Internet, we are losing touch!

Five things that you can do to get your “touch” need met.

  • Make a point to personally talk to people that are close to you.  Your voice is a form of touch.
  • When interacting with family or friends, make personal contact, by touching their hands, shoulder or arm.  All of these are non-threatening and considered non-sexual.  Hugs are wonderful.
  • Never worry alone.  When two people talk about a problem, they tend to problem-solve.  One tends to get caught in a spiral.  This type of thinking generally goes from bad to worst.
  • Ask for help from someone who can help you.  Asking someone who is unable to make a difference makes both people feel helpless.
  • Develop a friend.  I define people that I know in the following five categories.
    1. Across town – If you see them or not, it doesn’t matter.
    2. Side Walk – When you see them, you smile and wave, hoping they keep going.
    3. Front Porch – These you spend some time with, but the conversation is generally superficial.
    4. Living Room – These get to come inside your world, but not so much.  You give them, the coke, they stay in the living room.
    5. Bedroom – These are your friends, (generally less than five in a lifetime).  These get access to your life.  They can speak into your life.  Will ask the you hard questions (which you answer truthfully).  You will get up for them and they you in the middle of the night to assist.  They can go into your refrigerator, your closet, and even to sleep in your bed without asking, and accept you without judging your flaws.  You need Level 5 people in your life, they help you become better than you are alone.

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Simplify Your Life with Estell Porter |The Importance of Touch