The EM 30-Day Jumpstart Your Business Challenge

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(Last Updated On: March 14, 2014)

The EM 30-Day Jump Start Your Business Challenge

Empower Magazine is issuing a “30-day challenge” to small businesses and entrepreneurs who are motivated to see their businesses grow in the new year.

There are no magic pills, lotions or potions for business success; but there are some action steps that can increase your business’ potential for prosperity and growth.

1. Brand your business (logo, business cards, brochures and other marketing materials).

2. Establish a social media presence.

3. Engage your warm market (friends and family members).

4. Establish an advertising budget to maximize your brand exposure.

5. Attend business networking events and activities.

6. Join business related organizations for networking and relationship building.

7. Create an abbreviated business plan.  Click here for tips.


Join Empower Magazine as we kick off 2014 by challenging small business owners and entrepreneurs to prime the pump for new opportunities and position themselves on the pathway to success. Businesses and business entrepreneurs that register as “30-day Challenge” applicants will be in the running for the following:

1. a featured business article in the 2014 First Quarter (print) of Empower Magazine.

2. a full-page (discounted 75 percent) business Ad in the 2014 First Quarter (print) of Empower Magazine.

3. a 30-day complimentary business Ad on the Empower Magazine website at

4. a one-on-one business consult with the Business Coach.

5. EM “30-day Challenge” Award Certificate.

The 30 day challenge will run from January 10 to February 9, 2014.

Here are the EM “30-Day Challenge” criteria:

First – register your business for the “30-Day Challenge by going to and clicking on the 30-Day Jumpstart Your Business button on the Empower Magazine Home Page where you will find the official registration link.

Second – within the time frame allotted, create a 1-minute video clip promoting your business for submission to the EM 30-day Challenge selection committee. With the following content as a minimum:

*Name of business and business owner.

*Business Vision.

*Short-term and Long-term business goals.

*Action steps you have implemented or plan on implementing for business success.

*Reasons why your business should be showcased in Empower Magazine (print and online).

Third – Submit your 1-minute video clip by 12 noon on Feb. 10, 2014.

Enter today to POWER UP your business for success in 2014.

The EM 30-Day Jumpstart Your Business Challenge