Up Close And Personal with Richelle Hammiel (EM Fashion and Entertainment Columnist)

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(Last Updated On: August 8, 2014)

Empower Magazine is extremely pleased to formally welcome Richelle Hammiel, a journalism student enrolled at Norfolk State University, to the EM Empowering Writers team. A recent Q&A between the EM Editor-in-Chief and Hammiel revealed some very enlightening things about this young and aspiring college student. Please read on as Richelle gets “Up Close and Personal.”

Richelle Hammiel, Norfolk State University
Richelle Hammiel, Norfolk State University [Fashion & Entertainment Columnist]
1. What do you enjoy most about student life at Norfolk State University?

When I first entered Norfolk State University, I was rather nervous about meeting new people and was overall concerned about how welcoming everyone would be. To my surprise, on just the first couple of days of being on campus, I made friends who I have been friends with ever since. They have even become more like brothers and sisters than just friends. I used to laugh when people said, “In college, you will make lifelong friends.” Now, I know they were truly right.

2. Where are you originally from? And, did you grow up there?

I am originally from Portsmouth, Virginia and I’ve lived there since I was born. I didn’t have to travel too far to find my second home.

3. What do you get the greatest joy out of in life?

I get the greatest joy in life by seeing all of my hard work pay off and fall into place like I’d always hoped for. There are many times when I became discouraged, but I persevered and everything now seems possible. Nothing comes easy or without a struggle. I enjoy doing things that I’d never thought I could do. I surprise myself every single day. Last year, I didn’t think I could balance everything that I had on my plate and I managed to end the semester with a great GPA and a job with the school newspaper.

4. Do you have any hobbies and leisure time activities that you would like to share with the EM readers?

My hobbies are extensive. Since middle school, I’ve been active in both cheerleading and dance. This summer, I am trying out for NorfolkRichelle Pic 2 State University’s auxiliary group in the band Accent, so wish me luck! Also, I love baking. Apart from that, I absolutely love to read and write, which is definitely why I became a part of Empower Magazine. I can spend all day reading and even though I don’t really have a favorite author, I love to read books from different authors to view their writing styles. I’ve also been spending hours working on my own book. Hopefully, it will be published one day!

5. Do you have a bucket list? If so, what is at the top of the list?

I do have several things on my bucket list and at the top of the list would have to be getting my chance to publish my own book. That is the number one goal I have in life.

6. Upon graduating from college, what do you believe the future holds for you?

In my future, I visualize myself having a successful career as an author. I enjoy writing fiction, even though I’ve experimented with different types of writing, such as poems and news articles. I would love to write books about things that could help people and that people can relate to. Myself being an excessive reader, I know there are certain things that I look for when I’m reading, so my goal is for my books to have the same aspects.

7. Is there anything else you would like the EM readers to know about you?

One main thing that readers should know is that nothing is impossible. I am 18 years old and already, I’m doing things that I thought I’d never do. I knew that college would be a huge step in my life as far as building a successful career, but I didn’t know exactly how to get my start. I knew that before I graduated, I had to start somewhere, which is where my school newspaper, the Spartan Echo, gave me that opportunity. From there, I was introduced to Empower Magazine. This magazine gives me the outlet I need to get published to develop a writing portfolio to start my writing career. I believe that it is necessary to take advantage of every opportunity that will possibly help you get closer to your aspirations in life. It is also important to help others through my success. I want to be a voice for future generations that will provide guidance and inspiration that even when there are several obstacles and when the finish line seems out of view, it’s just time to move forward and overcome.

Up Close And Personal with Richelle Hammiel (EM Fashion and Entertainment Columnist)