Yolanda Ford wins run-off election and makes history in Missouri City

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(Last Updated On: January 12, 2019)

Missouri City native Yolanda Ford unseated incumbent mayor Allen Owen in this past weekend’s run-off election to become the city’s first female and first African American mayor. Empower Magazine had a chance to get an up-close look at Ford’s vision and goals for the city following her historic win.

Q. What motivated you to run for the City’s top spot?

A. I have a passion for serving and I believe Missouri City can be amazing.  However, there’s a need for a new vision and direction for our city.  It wasn’t by coincidence that neighboring cities were developed with a plan that incorporated town centers, restaurants and commercial industry.  It was due to foresight and development decisions of its leadership.

Q. How does it feel to blaze a trail as the first African American mayor of Missouri City?

A. Honestly, I really just focus on the work that needs to be done.  Yes, I am the first minority and the first female, but I am also a former council member and 20-year urban planning professional who holds a masters of architecture degree and is prepared to lead this city.  However, I am amazed that I am the first minority and first female in a majority minority city to be elected mayor.

Q. What are the top three priorities you will focus on as you assume your new post? 

A. The top priorities that I will focus on will be increasing city revenue, encouraging redevelopment along major corridors and implementing economic development strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Q.What is your vision for Missouri City as you lead the city into the future?

A. My vision is to create a culturally, diverse city that offers destination venues, a strong commercial base and safe neighborhoods.

Q. As you prepare to assume your new post, what message would you like to send to Missouri City residents?

A. I would like residents to know that I am the Mayor for all residents.  I represent everyone in our city and I am ready to work with everyone to unify and build a better Missouri City.

Yolanda Ford wins run-off election and makes history in Missouri City