Young woman on mission to help others shatter the fear ceiling with release of new book

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(Last Updated On: November 14, 2018)

Empower Magazine provides a look at a young woman whose mission is to empower professionals through entrepreneurship, academia, leadership and advocacy by helping them to become the best version of themselves.

Despite battling depression, low self-esteem and personal loss, Orobosa Owie has forged past life’s stumbling blocks to make an impact in her community and become a Young African Professionals Top 40 Emerging Leader and United Nations Youth Leader.  Her community efforts caught the attention of the Obama Administration and earned her an invite to the 2010 White House round table discussion as a contributor.  She is an executive trainer, professor, global speaker and soon-to-be author.

A dynamic mover and shaker, Orobosa is preparing for the release of her first book, Be Bold, Be Confident, Be You: A Motivational Guidebook on Shattering the Fear Ceiling to help others break past their fears and limits, and walk confidently into their purpose.

Q. Describe the inspiration behind your new book, Be Bold, Be Confident, Be You: A Motivational Guidebook in Shattering the Fear Ceiling?

A. Over the last 8 years, I have spent my professional life working with people, specifically young professionals, in a variety of dynamic spaces and work environments. During these occasions, I would receive a series of questions. Questions that included people wanting to know how I was able to obtain my success at such an early age and within a short period of time. I decided to use the questions that I was commonly asked as a source of inspiration to write a book that answered those questions and share insight about my journey of becoming Orobosa Owie. At times, it wasn’t easy, and, like anyone who has encountered challenging circumstances, I too have faced my fair share of trials and tribulations, but I did not allow those moments of negativity to prevent me from fulfilling my purpose.

Q. What audience do you hope to reach and what do you hope they will walk away with after reading it?

A. The one thing I have learned on my journey, is that fear is not discriminatory. It does not target a certain race, gender, or cultural background and at some point in our lives, we will all stand face to face with our fears. What separates those who survive versus those who thrive is their decision on what role they will allow fear to play in their lives.  My book was written for anyone who is currently experiencing and allowing their fears to create self-doubt and an influx of insecurities in their lives and for those in need of an authentic and sustainable solution on how to overcome their own personal battles with fear.

Q. Share the impact your mother had on your life and how you were able to overcome her death at the age of 15.

A. My mother was my champion, confidant, my source of security and stability and, most importantly, she was my best friend. She showed me the true meaning of unconditional love and losing her at the height of my formative years was extremely hard. I had become very fearful and unsure of how I would live my life without her presence. But throughout the years, I learned the meaning of grieving in a healthy manner and used her death as my source of motivation to live a life that was impactful and reflective of the many principles she taught me on how to be a great women of substance.

A, How has your personal struggle with depression and low self-esteem given you a platform to help others.

My personal struggle with depression and low self-esteem has granted me the opportunity to create a platform that inspires and teaches people on a daily basis how to authentically own their presence (inclusive of the good, bad and highly flawed) and dynamically lead by putting their best self forward.

Q. You have achieved a lot in your life as an executive trainer, professor and global speaker, what has been the most fulfilling aspect of your journey?

A. Thank you! The best part of my journey has been being able to make a personal and professional impact in the lives of the people by doing what I love. Every workshop, lecture, speaking engagement, and panel session I have participated in, my message has always been centered around my mission to empower professionals through the avenues of entrepreneurship, academia, leadership and advocacy.

Q. What is your personal “Why” and how has that motivation been a driving force on your current path to success?

My “Why” is simply to live a life that is reflective of my passion and ordained purpose. My passion has always been geared towards helping people and through my life experiences I have been able to successfully develop my purpose by helping people become the best version of their self through the implementation of a series of personal and professional development strategies and collaborations.

Q. What has been the most challenging thing that you have faced on your journey?

A. The most challenging thing I have faced through my journey is not being able to freely let go of the things that I cannot control. I definitely have a Type A personality and like most Type A personalities, I am very goal-oriented and a high achiever, but I also struggled with being impatient especially when the outcome of a given situation does not go according to my plan. In my journey of becoming the best version of me, I had to first recognize that what is meant for me will always be waiting and rather than stress about the things I cannot control, I should instead lean on God to give me the wisdom, strength and resources I need to successfully navigate this paradigm we call life.

Q. What words of advice do you have for other millennials who are looking to overcome their own fears in order to make their personal dreams a reality?

A. Overcoming your fears is not easy but it is doable and it all starts with believing in the power of you. You are strong and you own the keys to your happiness. Yes, there are times when life will present you with various challenges especially when you are embarking on your journey to fulfill your dreams, but do not succumb to your fears. Instead work on aligning yourself with the right people and/or activities that will provide you with the essential tools and resources you need to healthily overcome your fears and forge head. Remember, fear is an illusion that creates a false perception and a fundamental emotion derived from your inner thoughts and not by the mere realities of what is transpiring within the current moment of time. To face your fears is to accept your intended purpose.

Q. What are the top three characteristics that have attributed to your success?

A. The top three characteristics that have attributed to my success include being bold, confident, and secure in who I am. Like the parable “a closed mouth does not get fed,” I had to learn how to turn off my reserved nature and become bold in turning my life goals into reality. I also learned that confidence does not mean you have to be the loudest one in the room, but rather when you walk in the room people understand and respect the power of your presence. Lastly, being secure in who I am has permitted me to work smarter versus harder in my journey towards achieving what I define as great success.

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

A. In the next five years, I hope to have written my second book, graduated with my doctoral degree and landed a couple of endorsement deals from organizations who believe in my mission and to be provided with the opportunities I need to continue to use my platform to professionally develop and empower people on how to dynamically lead while putting their best self forward.

Q. What is next on the horizon?

A. Next up on my agenda, is to travel to a few cities for my first book tour.

Stay tuned for the release of Orobosa Owie’s debut book by visiting her website,

Young woman on mission to help others shatter the fear ceiling with release of new book