Amber Bullock: So In Love

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(Last Updated On: November 29, 2013)
amberbullock23On her latest CD, “So in Love,” Amber Bullock showcases the jazzy, neo-soul vocal style that won her the title of Sunday Best on Season 4 of BET’s no. 1 rated gospel music competition show.

Bullock performed with a variety of recording artists, professional choirs and ensembles, before soaring to the top of the gospel music charts after capturing the hearts of millions on the show.

The St. Louis native followed her win with the release of her debut CD, “Thank You,” in December 2011 and has been busy working on her sophomore project, featuring 10 original songs.

Gospel music lovers are in for a treat as Bullock pours her heart out in a style that is uniquely her own.

The first single on her new CD, “Lord You’ve Been So Good” was written by Bullock with a friend, when she was in college. The song was updated for her current CD project with the help of PJ Morton. The upbeat, neo-soul style song features a driving horn section and shows off Bullock’s wide range and effortless runs. “Done For Me,” was also written by Bullock, with Shaun Martin, Greg Brown and Kirk Franklin, who is featured on this song. It has a catchy tune and a powerful message about God’s unconditional love. Bullock goes reggae in “I’m So In Love with You,” which was penned by PJ Morton.

“Second Chances,” is a contemporary gospel song that Bullock describes as “dramatic” with instrumentation that features strings and an organ. The song reminds the listener that God’s love and forgiveness are great gifts to us.

“Changed,” written by PJ Morton and featuring Isaac Carree, has a contemporary gospel style and a memorable hook. “My daughter sings along with this song every time she hears it,” says Bullock.

The R&B style “Yes,” starts with drums and keeps on pumping energy. The song, written by PJ Morton, is one of Bullock’s favorite on the CD because of both the catchy tune and the message. “Yes is a powerful word,” she says.

Written by Juante Hall and Jonathan Dunn, “Nobody Else” has jazzy undertones and a message about going to a secret place to meet only with God.

“Take it Back,” written by Josiah Martin, reminds us that everything we do or have comes from God. That message is delivered in a pop style song with techno-rock undertones.

“Ruler” is a contemporary praise and worship song that Bullock describes as “a little bit country.” Bullock continues, “My most powerful worship experience is when I’m focused on how powerful and loving God is, and how He keeps blessing me, even when I don’t deserve it.”

The last song on the CD, “Same God,” was written by Bullock and Shaun Martin. It’s a simple but powerful worship song that acknowledges the faithfulness of God.

She has been singing Gospel music since she was a young child.

“My mom sings, so I don’t remember never not singing. I have been singing in the church since I was two years old,” says the talented vocalist.

Bullock’s source of inspiration for singing is her desire to share the love of God with others.

“I came from a musical upbringing so we never were really praised for it, it was just something that we did naturally,” shares Bullock.

She exhibits the same humble response to her win on Sunday Best.

“I never thought of it as a competition, so whether I had won or lost, I would have been happy. It was more a fact that I was going to be on TV and be singing and anybody could hear it and like me.

“I was just grateful and very humble and it made me appreciate people more because they believed in me so much,” says Bullock.

When Bullock learned about the Sunday Best competition, she was at a low point in her life.

Not one to compete in talent competitions, Bullock was encouraged by several friends to  enter the contest.

“I had just been in a car accident, and I told my friends if they gave me a ride, I would go,” shares Bullock.

In the period before the competition, Bullock’s lack of transportation and financial challenges forced her to make some difficult decisions.

“I was working in a call center making a little of nothing.  In order to get to work every day one of my co-workers let me come stay with her and she would get me to work every day. She had six children, and there was hardly room for them, let alone me. That is where I slept on the floor every day until the show,” shares Bullock.

Today, a lot has changed as Bullock travels across the country to perform in various venues and promote her new CD.

Bullock appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with PJ Morton.

“He just embodies good music. I love his voice, and less is more with him. I am just a huge fan,” says Bullock.

In November of last year, Bullock  had the chance to tour with another of her favorite Gospel artists, Kirk Franklin, on his “Fearless Tour.”

Bullock will join Franklin again in the fall for the King’s Men Tour with Israel Houghton, Donnie McClurkin and Marvin Sapp.

Following her appearance on “Sunday Best,” Bullock was signed as an artist on Music World Gospel’s label.

“Mathew Knowles is a great business man.  Music World has been encouraging and doing everything that they possibly can to go forth and push this CD and put me out there,” says Bullock.

Her hopes for her career in the next five years is to “do more music, perform a lot more, minister to a lot more people and hopefully get into gospel plays.”

“I would love to be in a Tyler Perry film one day,” says Bullock.

The St. Louis born vocalist doesn’t put any limits on what God is doing in her life.

“I put my career in God’s hands and ask that His will be done. I don’t want to say that I want to do this and do that, because I want to do everything,” says Bullock.

Her advice to other aspiring artists is to trust God.

“I would say that you have to fully give your everything to God. Once you give everything to Him, stepping out on faith is so much easier because He has your back,” says Bullock.

She calls God “a Caretaker.”

“Make sure you are giving everything to God and let Him take care of you because He really wants to do that. Let God do what He is supposed to do and everything will line up,” says Bullock.

When not singing, the gifted vocalist enjoys simply relaxing.

“I am very, very busy so when I am not singing I have definitely begun to appreciate the wonderful thing of downtime,” says Bullock.

Bullock doesn’t have much downtime these days as she travels across the country promoting her CD, but she is grateful to be living her passion.

“So In Love” can be purchased online at and at numerous retail outlets, including Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

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