Chef Rey joins National Pork Board’s “DJ Grill Crashers” campaign

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(Last Updated On: August 3, 2015)

Photo credit:  Al Torres Photography

Houston’s Chef Rey among team of celebrity chefs chosen by National Pork Board to conduct “Crash” cookouts to show consumers how easy it is to cook lean pork recipes on the grill this summer

A team of celebrity chefs will soon show you how to prepare healthy and delicious lean cuts of pork on the grill just in time for your next summer cookout.

The National Pork Board has joined forces with four renowned chefs in various regions across the country in a campaign called “DJ Grill Crashers” to encourage Americans to spice up this year’s grilling celebrations with the unexpected flavor of lean, heart healthy pork cuts.

Houston’s own Chef Rey, executive chef of the Houston Rockets, has been selected as one of the celebrity chefs in this innovative campaign and commended  the National Pork Board for launching the healthy cooking initiative.

“I give kudos to the National Pork Board for their efforts to bring education and a clear awareness of what pork is to the consumer,” said Chef Rey.

Incorporating healthier options into everyday occasions is important – especially for African Americans who disproportionately suffer from several heart disease conditions such as high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

The campaign aims to inspire African Americans to cook and enjoy pork in more creative and healthier ways. “DJ Grill Crashers” is an extension of the National Pork Board’s ongoing summer campaign, “The Grill Crashers.”

The campaign includes a series of ‘crashes’ (or BBQ pork flavor takeovers) across the country where pork takes center stage at grilling celebrations as well as new pork-inspired recipes and tips. It also features the participation of comedic actor Donald Faison, an avid griller who will share how to create bold flavors on the grill with juicy, tender pork chops.

“Pork should be a nutritious component of every family’s diet, especially with the lean cuts available,” said Celebrity Chef Tiffany Derry, a finalist on Season 7 of Bravo’s Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars. “One easy way to do that is by changing your cooking methods like grilling over frying to achieve a healthier meal.”

Chef Joseph Paire, executive chef of Todd Grays Watershed (Washington D.C.), will kick off “DJ Grill Crashers” season in June followed by Todd Richards, executive chef and co-owner of The Pig & The Pearl (Atlanta), Reynold Darthard A.K.A  Chef Rey, executive chef of the Houston Rockets (Houston), and Tiffany Derry, chef and TV personality (Dallas). The chefs will partner with radio personalities in their communities to crash BBQ cookouts in Washington D.C., Atlanta, Houston and Dallas, and will cook lean and delicious pork chop recipes with soulful side dishes.

“We are thrilled to partner with these four recognized chefs to bring the African American community healthy, flavorful and inspiring pork recipes,” said Jose de Jesus, director of multicultural marketing at the National Pork Board. “We hope to inspire people to crash their own cookouts with pork and make it a memorable experience for their family and friends.”

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Chef Rey joins National Pork Board’s “DJ Grill Crashers” campaign