Chris Tucker’s 2015 Comedy Tour makes stop in Houston

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(Last Updated On: February 2, 2015)

Comedian Chris Tucker

With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, there are only a few comedians relevant enough to all ethnicities to sell out arenas and comedy clubs across the globe. Laughter soothes a crying soul and comedian Chris Tucker has long proven that he knows exactly how to merge the better part of the two for audiences’ enjoyment.

Sunday night’s set at the Bayou Music Center in Houston was astir with women and men posting photos on social media with captions that depicted the excitement of die-hard fans ready to laugh their hearts out in anticipation of another amazing show from their comic favorite.

The Chris Tucker Live 2015 tour has been one of his best selling tours to date. The show featured new material that included hysterical impressions of Michael Jackson and Jackie Chan, two of his favorite celebrity friends, as well as childhood memories from his past that surely his mother could never have imagined would one day become material for her son’s comedy routines.

His most recognizable role as “Smokey” from the 1995 blockbuster hit Friday opened up the window of stardom for Tucker, which lead him into the homes and hearts of millions. He was no longer just another comedian from HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam”, he was the high pitch-squeaky voiced, big-eyed funny guy that left us craving for more big-screen productions starring Tucker.

The multi-million dollar Rush Hour film series gave us an abundance of laughs that reminded us of his comedic stature. His incomparable, undeniable and always evolving talent was almost compromised by a lingering $12 million tax lien which in the end made for good material for his tours to come.

During his show, he lets audience members know right off the bat that he is ready for whatever life throws his way, whether it is an outrageous tax bill, a spoiled kid, or more million-dollar movies.

Another thing he made very clear in Sunday night’s routine is that he is tired of dating, having dated ghetto girls to younger women to women outside of his race. He vividly recalled dating a woman named Samantha. “It was cool, she taught me a lot, like how to show up on time, she got me hooked on Starbucks, it was wonderful,” Tucker said. “Everything was going good until she took me rollerblading, and it was over.”

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Chris Tucker 2015 Comedy Tour

Tucker made light of the incident that put NFL star Adrian Peterson in recent headlines and said that he should not have received such harsh punishment because his own father used to whoop him and his older siblings.

Raised in a strict household, Tucker said he learned what not to do by watching the things that got his five other siblings in trouble. But he admitted during the routine that at times he could not help it because his loud mouth seemingly would not close whether at school or church.

Audience members roared with laughter as he attempted to speak, sing and dance like the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, a great friend of his. “Michael would be sitting there all dressed up with his shades and everything, and all of a sudden something magical would happen like a giraffe would walk by the window,” Tucker said.

Tucker reminisced on his times with Jackson and called them priceless. Like the chance Tucker had to skip down the yellow brick road in front of Neverland Ranch or the time Michael changed his name from “Chris” to Christmas because he said it made him think of Christmas trees, presents and fireplaces.

Tucker’s love for Jackson was unquestionable as they shockingly bonded over 50 Cent’s number one hit “In Da Club”.

In a previous interview Tucker explained that he laughs to keep from crying, like when he found out he owed the Internal Revenue Service millions of dollars. He blamed his financial woes on his extravagant living habits like buying two homes right next to each other. “I was my own neighbor,” Tucker said.

After the tax lien madness, he realized where his heart lied, Tucker told the audience. No matter how many movie roles and accolades he gained, he never lost sight of his first love – stand-up comedy.

Stepping foot back into familiar settings keeps Tucker fresh, alive and on top of his comedic game and he proved that Sunday night.

Chris Tucker’s 2015 Comedy Tour makes stop in Houston