Fighting for the Family

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(Last Updated On: November 9, 2014)

Photo caption:   Fight for the Family main cast / Photo credits: Real Word Entertainment

Sherel M. Ames, founder of Real Word Entertainment, a Houston-area media production company that has been on the scene for many years, has produced a new family drama series called “Fight for the Family.”

fight for family 1
Sherel and John Ames

With the Christian concept of the family under incredible attack, the local filmmaker is on a mission to encourage families to work to preserve the family unit. Ames, the show’s creator, has joined forces with husband, John Ames, and daughter, Toi Candace Ames, as co-producers on the series.

The 12-episode series follows the family lives of two siblings, The Guillory’s and The Allen’s, as they struggle to maintain their households in the face of inner turmoil and numerous conflicts and challenges.

“I hope that the audience is challenged to look at the family unit they are in and to make the decision that it is worth saving,” says Ames.

While the series focuses on Christian values, Ames works to avoid cliches and takes a realistic approach in depicting the challenges families face.

“I don’t want you to think that our show is a preachy show, and that everything is squeaky clean, because so many Christians have this fallacy in their minds that a Christian is a perfect person and has lived a perfect life,” says Ames.

As the show’s creator, her goal is to present the struggles that Christian families face through storyline and show how the characters come through their situations and challenges, and how the audience can also overcome, through God, shares Ames.

No stranger to the media industry, Ames has produced a number of stage plays and also produced a show for the Daystar Network called “We Got the Power”, which was her introduction into film production.

“I had done numerous stage plays, but there was something about film that took Fighting for the Family me to a new level. I started researching the differences between the two genres and loved film and have stuck with it ever since,” said Ames.

The idea for her present drama series came to the Missouri City resident after hearing a message from one of her pastors at The Genesis Church.

She and her daughter had produced a film for their church in the past and during production, the thought came of doing a series.

“When I heard Pastor Dimes preach the sermon, “Fight for the Family”, I looked at my daughter and said, ‘That is It’,” said Ames.

An unexpected call from a young man she had worked with in a Media Arts Summer Camp program at The Church at Bethel’s Family would provide a broadcasting venue for the series and set the project in motion.

“He told me, ‘Ms. Ames, I have this fantastic opportunity for you’, and I said, ‘I’m in,’” shared

The young man shared his pastor’s vision and said they were looking for someone to produce family and children’s programming on a local broadcasting channel (KVVV-15, owned by Abraham Telecasting).

With the wheels of inspiration turning, Ames began writing the script and pulling together the producers and cast for the show.

“We didn’t have any sponsors, my husband and I funded it all. But, I am a believer, so when it was settled in me that God had called me to do it, everything else took a backseat and I moved forward,” said the Missouri City filmmaker.

Producing the series has deepened her own faith, shares Ames.

“I used to always hear the saying, that, ‘if God calls you to do something, he will provide.’ I never understood that until now and it has definitely made a believer out of me. When I tell you that God has done this every step of the way – from the cast to every aspect of the production,” said Ames.

At the close of the year, Ames’ vision will become a reality when the pilot episode of her new family drama series premieres Dec. 29 on The Word Network on Digital 15.1. Viewers will get an up-close look at the lives and struggles of two families dealing with a range of challenges and dysfunctions in a quest to preserve the family unit.

With the first episode in the can, Ames has now turned her focus to obtaining distribution.

“My dream is to have the series picked up for national distribution so that it can have a greater
reach and impact.”

But her greatest desire, says Ames, is to simply show the love of God, and to let people
know that the family unit is important to God and that it is “so important to fight for what He has given us”.

Ames envisions her new series doing for Houston what Tyler Perry has done for the city of Atlanta, opening doors of opportunity for many local actors who have a passion for acting. The half-hour family drama series will premiere Jan. 5, 2015 and will air on Monday nights.

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Photo credits: Real Word Entertainment/Sherel Ames

Fighting for the Family