“Glory” wins Golden Globe for ‘Best Original Song, Motion Picture’

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(Last Updated On: January 19, 2015)

Video credit: ABC Good Morning America show broadcast via YouTube

“Glory” won “Best Original Song” in a Motion Picture at Sunday night’s 72nd Golden Globe Awards.

Movie poster credit: Paramount Pictures

The song, co-written and performed by John Legend and Common, is part of the soundtrack of the recently released movie, “Selma.”

Other contenders in the “Best Original Song” category included “Big Eyes”(Big Eyes), “Mercy Is” (Noah),  “Opportunity Is” (Annie) and “Yellow Flicker Beat” (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1).

The song has an iconic feel that is equal parts anthem and soulful battle cry. Its haunting melody and profound lyrics depict the struggles of the Civil Rights era and the recent social unrest impacting African American males in our country.

In an earlier Empower Magazine interview, Common shared his thoughts on the making of the song:

“We wanted to do something with this song to really pay respect and homage to the movement of Selma, but also connect it to what is going on in America right now, from Ferguson to Chicago; I mean it is happening all over in America, in Atlanta, in Houston. We wanted to connect to that and also to just really inspire people and let them know we can win this war and win this fight.” ~ Common


The song also recently received an nomination in the 87th Annual Academy Awards Show for “Best Original Song” with winners to be announced Feb. 22.

“Glory” wins Golden Globe for ‘Best Original Song, Motion Picture’