“Hope” and “Never Quit” debut at Palladium

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(Last Updated On: November 2, 2015)

Empower Magazine gives “Hope and “Never Quit” a five-star thumbs up!

It was a double feature red carpet event at the Palladium AVX in Richmond as movie executive, Charles Irving, celebrated the release of two locally-produced independent films on Thursday night.

A packed house of theater-goers were on hand for the premieres of the Missouri City filmmaker’s latest films “Hope” and “Never Quit.

“We had a great turnout and everybody seemed to love the film, and that is just motivation to continue doing what we are doing. I believe that we are going to make an impact by bringing quality, positive films to Houston and surrounding areas,” said Irving.

According to Irving, “Hope” is the story of young man who hits rock bottom with nowhere to turn, dealing with the loss of hope, desire and motivation. He is slowly built up through faith and trust in God.

“Never Quit “ tells the story of Kayla Banks destined for stardom, promising young female basketball player, Kayla, becomes ill and her dreams of winning a championship are on the line. When faced with losing it all, will she stay down and give up or will she rise like a champion to find the courage and faith to never quit.

Owner of Irving Films and Productions, the Missouri City filmmaker joined forces with his daughter, Lakisha Lemons, owner of LL Productions to produce his latest films.  Another daughter wrote the script for “Never Quit.”

A mogul in everything he pursues, Irving started out in the restaurant and catering business over 20 years ago, and today has put down the pan and picked up the pen.

The Missouri City resident’s goal is to spread the word of “hope” and “perseverance” one film at a time.  “I think people now want a message, they want to leave with something – there is so much negativity, so much crime and things that are surrounding us so to bring us spiritual, positive message is a plus.

“Now is the time to reach out to people so when they leave the theater they leave encouraged” said Irving, who is also an active minister.

In addition to executive producing and writing the stories for “Hope” & “Never Quit,” Irving is working on another film, entitled “True Example.” In this film, a young man is faced with the tragic loss of family, forced to stay in a town among immoral surroundings, but vows to stay true to his upbringing and be ’A TRUE EXAMPLE. He has worked on a growing collection feature films through his company Irving Films & Productions.

To view the trailer of his latest films, visit www.thehopefilm.com and www.neverquitfilm.com. For information on Irving Films and upcoming projects, visit www.irvingfilms.com.

“Hope” and “Never Quit” debut at Palladium