IYO Visuals hosts 7th Year Anniversary Gala

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(Last Updated On: January 16, 2019)

On Thursday, March 29, IYO Visuals hosted their 7th year anniversary gala in Houston, Texas. This being the first gala I’ve ever attended, I had no idea what to expect. However, I was ready to take on the challenge intent on experiencing something new.

The entrance was a red-carpet leading to a flight of stairs. On the stairs was a prodigious digital step showing a compilation of IYO’s best work as a company. I along with other media arrived early and stood outside to receive instructions while waiting for the red-carpet guests.

After a while, the guests began showing up on the red carpet. Some featured guests were actor Phil Wade, Dj Choose, athlete, Maggie Noel, MC Beezy, and former Houston Texan, Arian Foster.

Although I saw various stunning outfits, my favorite outfit of the night goes to MC Beezy. Beezy’s outfit featured a red blazer, white dress shirt, and black slacks with gold striped patterns on the side. I enjoyed the simplicity yet the “sauce” that the outfit displayed.

A runner up for my favorite outfit goes to former RB Arian Foster. Foster sported a black hoodie with activist Colin Kaepernick’s time magazine cover on it as well as some grey joggers. Although he may have not been formally dressed, I did enjoy him being himself and not feeling the need to impress other attendees.

After the guests arrived, it was officially time to get the celebration started. We made our way into the room where the celebration would take place. At the start of the event, owner Isaac Yowman addressed his guests and outlined future plans for his company. Also known as “Chill”, Isaac couldn’t help but share his gratitude for those who supported him and contributed to IYO making 7 years.

This whole event is really to celebrate not just me, because it’s not about me.” Chill says. “It’s about our team, it’s about our clients, it’s about all of the people that helped us have this long, amazing journey that now we can call our jobs. It’s super-duper cool.”

Afterwards, “Chill” said grace for the food, and it was finally time to eat. The dinner started with a kale salad with cottage cheese topped with radishes, followed by another meal with garlic chicken, cauliflower, and smoked pecan. Although I am hesitant to try new meals, I have to say that this meal tasted much better than I expected. Hats off to the people who prepared the food as well as the waiters for providing spectacular customer service. If I could’ve tipped the waiter, I certainly would have.

The night was a very chill atmosphere. Everyone was socializing and taking pictures. The guests were approachable and fun to talk to. I took a photo with former Texan, Arian Foster and held a small conversation with him afterwards. I know this may not be a big deal to most, but he is my favorite RB, so to have met him was the biggest highlight of my night.

I sat next to and ate dinner with MC Beezy. He was an entertaining guy if I must say so myself. As I noted earlier, I thought MC Beezy was the best dressed guy at the event. Of course, he humbly rebutted with his top picks for the evening’s well-dressed guests. I promised him that he would be featured in this post, so if you are reading Beezy, here’s your shout out.

Overall, I enjoyed this event. The atmosphere was more relaxed than I anticipated, but those are the scenes that I enjoyed the most. It was an honor to be surrounded by some of Houston’s most influential black people and to meet such amazing people. My experience at my first gala was one I will remember for a long time.


IYO Visuals is a boutique multi-media firm that specializes in creating visual content & strategic campaigns for brands. Our team is a collective of experienced filmmakers, designers, and writers that are passionate about growing businesses through art.

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About the Author: Kenneth Ray Oliver Jr. is a Fall 2017 graduate of Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, with a degree in corporate communications and minor in psychology, and 2012 Thurgood Marshall High School graduate. During his spare time, he enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, habitat for humanity, homeless shelters, and anywhere that he can help others in need. Kenneth has a passion for working with children, being a camp counselor for two summers and refereeing sports games. He also enjoys playing sports, traveling, listening to music, being outdoors, and writing, Kenneth recently started his own blog called “The Truth Is”. The blog is for Kenneth to express his truths and to encourage as well as empower others to live in their own truth. For more information about Kenneth, you can contact him at kennetholiver9485@yahoo.com.

IYO Visuals hosts 7th Year Anniversary Gala