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(Last Updated On: January 14, 2014)

Photo Caption:  Filmmaker T.N. Jenkins

“Clubmates”, a proposed web series about six social lepers who join forces to do whatever it takes to save a poetry club – the only group that will have them – recently caught the attention of a national magazine.

Indie Source Magazine will award $1,000 to Missouri City resident Tracie Jenkins this spring in the publication’s recent quest to fund a short film.

Greg Parker and his brother, Christopher, owners of the magazine, are regularly on the look out for indie filmmakers and new talent in order to help them achieve their dreams.

“When we review a project, we use a scoring methodology that takes into account creativity, concept, experience, writing and presentation.  All are weighted equally.  This allows those with a good concept and passion, but no experience, to compete with those that have significant years of experience,” says Parker.

Jenkins, an aspiring Houston-area indie filmmaker, began working on the idea for the web series last year after joining the Houston Filmmakers Meet Up Group, a local network of independent filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, and others interested in the film industry, who meet monthly to network with others in the industry.

“Late last year, I joined the Houston Filmmakers Meet Up Group hoping to meet other film makers and work on projects together.  Before that time, I kind of kept my hopes and goals to myself, but I knew that in order to succeed in the business of film, I would have to get out and meet people,” says Jenkins.

When Jenkins heard that Parker would visit the group and was looking to fund a short film, Jenkins immediately began preparing her pitch.

“I was by no means confident that I had what he was looking for. I was pitching a series and the notice had mentioned an interest in a short film, but I gave it a shot anyway and just prayed to do my best,” says Jenkins.

When the Missouri City resident received news that she had been selected to receive funding, she was speechless.

“I gave my pitch to Mr. Parker on a Tuesday and he called me the next evening.  I think he expected me to have a more vocal reaction, but as the conversation progressed, I became really excited.  It was a delayed reaction and a bit awkward, but ultimately I was so grateful for the opportunity,” says Jenkins.

Indie Source Magazine also will be donating equipment to assist Jenkins in producing and editing her web series.

“We believe Ms. Jenkins has the raw talent and passion to be a great filmmaker.  With time, we hope and believe she will be notable in Hollywood and also hope she remembers us when she gets there,” says Parker.

In the meantime, Jenkins is not taking the opportunity she has been given lightly.

“I’m a complete unknown and Indie Source Magazine is putting a lot of trust in me to produce a quality product.  I just thank God for the chance to prove myself and a chance to accomplish my ultimate vision for Clubmates,” says Jenkins.

We can expect to hear more from the aspiring filmmaker who also has launched an online TV channel with her sister aimed at creating a place to showcase the storytellers, faces and voices of under-represented ethnicities.