Music Re-Imagined

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(Last Updated On: September 10, 2015)

A fresh voice on the music scene, Namon Eugene is a self-described singer/songwriter who plays by his own rules and introduces his own personal perspective on everyday experiences through his music with sincere honesty.

That honesty and sincerity plays out in the lyrics of his debut single “You Would Be Sure” as he conveys a plaintive lover’s dissatisfaction with a one-sided relationship in need of closure or a motivating push.

The lyrics were inspired by a friend looking for clarity in a nebulous relationship that was stuck in a place of uncertainty, shared the Missouri City singer.

“He was calling me all that week about someone who wasn’t giving him all of what he thought they should be giving him. They were basically one foot out the door, and I said to him that night that if they are supposed to be with you, there would be no question, they would be sure about it. And that is how the title of the single came about,” he added.

The gifted songwriter immediately began to put pen to paper to pour out the song’s lyrics and began creating beats for the song…

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Music Re-Imagined