NFL Mom adapts debut book into stage play

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(Last Updated On: September 5, 2014)

Dorothy Eno has brought the characters in her book, “Only the Lonely Can Play,” to life in a dramatic new stage play.

The first-time author, and mother of Russell Okung of the Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks,  wasted no time transforming her novel into a stage play to share the impact loneliness has in the lives of five women.

Presented by ENO Entertainment, the production took place Aug. 29 at Southwest Community Church “The Bridge” and featured gospel recording artist Shawn McLemore, Motown Review star Adrian B. and a talented cast of performers, including “JD” Laguerre, Tamatha Rusk, Kimberly J. Ardison, April Grant, Rekeisha Lewis, Arnette Watson, Tariq Combs, Travis Wethers, Diedre Phlegm and Tiffany Joseph.

The play, an adaptation of Eno’s book,  centers on the character of Jasmine Powells (loosely based on the author’s own life) who is  a wealthy Hollywood film producer and widow adjusting to life as an empty nester after raising her children and watching them move on with their own lives.

The production opens on Nicky and her husband, Gerald, a couple who on the surface appear to have it all, but as the audience soon finds out, is living a crumbling facade.

Nicky has enjoyed her socialite status and all of the perks that her husband’s professional success has brought them and is fittingly planning a Masquerade Ball to showcase and revel in her social standing when her husband bluntly informs her that he wants out.

With her marriage clearly crumbling before all to see, she forges on desperate to cling to her life of appearances and bent on not allowing her husband’s dissatisfaction, and soon-to-be revealed infidelity, to foil her plans for a grand gala.

But the couple’s rocky marriage is not the only drama that is bubbling beneath the surface for this eclectic group of women who are grappling to fill an empty void in their lives.

Only the Lonely Can Play carries the audience on a fast-paced, emotionally-charged and revealing journey that leaves no relational stone unturned for five women with unmet emotional needs in search of their purpose.

A thread of loneliness runs through the lives of each of the characters as the play raises the curtain on the deception each woman has grown accustomed to clinging to in her search for significance.

For the married Nicky, life has become a game of  illusions she has held onto to maintain her standing and image in the community; for Jasmine, loneliness has invaded her life through the death of her husband and later through emptiness when her children have moved on to live their own lives.  The void in Gina’s life is filled through a constant search for love in the wrong places; and Sophie, though married, is sadly on a quest to find true love.  And even the young, beautiful and popular Destiny finds herself in search of the right someone to fill her life.

The two-act play provides a realistic look at the many ways loneliness can enter the lives of women when their quest for happiness and fulfillment is sought from external sources.

Eno’s next step includes plans to transform the stage play into a movie.

Empower Magazine gives this thought-provoking and entertaining stage play two thumbs up!

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NFL Mom adapts debut book into stage play