“ON-AIR” A New Kids Radio Show

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(Last Updated On: September 29, 2014)

KCOH (1230AM) reaches into the future with the launch of a youth inspired Kids radio show starting this Saturday, August 23, 2014, from 9am to 10am. The show will be co-hosted by two extraordinarily gifted and talented teens, Victoria Baynes Lopez and Iyanni Pradia.

Victoria sees herself as an ordinary 11 year old that wants to make a difference in the world and teach other kids that they have a voice and matter in the grand scheme of things. During an interview with Fox News in Victoria 12009, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up; she replied a Doctor, a singer, a teacher, a rock star and a veterinarian. The reporter was amused because she went on to say that “if Barbie can do it -so can I.” At her young age, Victoria is already a published author, Actress, entertainer, CEO, professional model, social activist, motivational speaker, mistress of ceremony, DJ, Altar Server; has been seen on television and in marketing commercials; had her own TV show and appeared in short films; but most importantly, she’s a child of God and it’s to His credit she receives her many blessings.

Iyanni is an 11 year old who likes being a kid, and wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a very talented actress,Iyanni 1model, singer and dancer. She designs clothes and crafts jewelry as well. A few months ago, Iyanni started her own business based on the design and crafting of bracelets & key rings. She’s currently involved in the shooting of a Television show in Houston. She can’t tell us the name of the show yet, but can disclose that it is a kids show about kids.

The Show is appropriately named “Kidz View.” Victoria recalls the idea for the name being inspired after seeing Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Kidz View is a perfect forum for kids to be seen and heard.  It’s a show about Real talk from the kid’s point of view because the co-hosts believe that kids are wired differently.  The show will provide excellent opportunities for kids to deal with a host of topics and issues in such areas as healthcare, politics, community happenings, fashion, and yes, Victoria and Iyanni can even talk a little bit about the sports world.

The Story behind the show stems mainly from Victoria meeting Chris Tucker (KCOH On-Air Personality/Producer of Rhythms After Dark) through a series of broadcasting and photospeaking opportunities. When Mr. Tucker asked Victoria to come down to the station he found himself impressed with her on-air presence. This prompted him to ask Victoria and her mom to come back to the station again.  One thing lead to the next, and Victoria got a call from Voice America Kids to do a drop for the Steve Harvey Show. Mr. Morris Parsons (KCOH AVP/Business Development Director) was asked if the KCOH station could be used to record the session. Mr. Parsons’ loved what he heard; an unscripted word, phenomenal voice presence, passion for broadcasting; and a great friendship was ignited.

Ms. Iyanni’s manager, Mr. Rickey Davis of Rickey Davis Entertainment, called her mom one day and told her that he was talking to a man at a radio station about the possibility of getting Iyanni on the radio. He called a day later to tell her mom that Iyanni was going to be on the radio soon. Mr. Parsons had seen Iyanni’s portfolio pictures and sizzle reel on YouTube. He loved what he saw. Mr. Parsons arranged a meeting between Iyanni and Victoria and it was like magic. Iyanni recalls that they just started talking like kids do and it seemed to have “worked”.  He told them that he wanted to give them a voice on radio and will facilitate the beginning of the project.

Ready to Launch.

Victoria hopes that young men and women everywhere realize they can listen in on the show to be shown how powerful they truly are.  And, since kids don’t have to pay rent, buy groceries, nor endure extreme expenses, Victoria photobelieves they have the time to figure out their future. She sees Kidz View as a platform for teaching kids to be empowered and become entrepreneurs. She hopes a boy or a girl will listen in to the show and dare to dream.  Victoria would like to see Kidz View camps spring up all around the country. She recalls that President Obama once said “it should not matter what your last name is or where you come from in order to succeed – It’s your world – fix it.” So that is why Kidz  Talk is Real Talk!

Iyanni hopes that her and Victoria can become that voice on the radio for everyone, and not just kids. She wants people to loyally listen in because they’ll find the Kidz View radio show both informative and fun. Iyanni would like to see more kids her age talking about serious world issues. Victoria and Iyanni would love for you to join them in making the initial airing of Kidz View this Saturday morning, August 23, 2014 from 9am until 10am, a huge success. Listen in by tuning your radio to 1230AM KCOH.

“ON-AIR” A New Kids Radio Show