Prince protégé and “The Voice” Season 10 contestant Támar Davis celebrates release of new album

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(Last Updated On: September 30, 2016)

A storm is brewing as Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and powerhouse vocalist, Támar Davis, releases her sophomore album, “I Am the Storm.”img_3163

The Houston singer began her vocal career alongside Beyoncé as a member of Girl’s Tyme and came

under the tutelage of the legendary Prince before appearing as a standout contestant on Season 10 of NBC’s “The Voice.” She brings fans a new sound with this latest project, while remaining true to her soulful roots.

Described as an artist with “a voice that can fill three stadiums” by The New York Times, the versatile singer, songwriter and producer earned a Grammy nod for her songwriting collaboration with Prince on their duet, “Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed.”

On her latest project, Támar joins forces with a diverse team of musical talents to produce several songs on the CD, including “Sweet Music”” featuring Tony Henry and “Gift of Goodbye” and “When I Dream” featuring the Richard Brown Orchestra.

“I Am the Storm” is the follow up to the Houston artist’s 2011 album, “My Name Is Támar,” independently produced by Syren Music Group, LLC. Tamar’s debut album garnered sales in the U.S. and overseas, including Canada, Japan, Barcelona, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Támar Davis | Photo credit: Kawai Matthews

“I played it safe on my first record, but this record was a complete turn-around to creating stories and classic, timeless melodies,” Támar said. “I let life and everything around me inspire me, and I immediately went to paper and pen.”

A project seven years in the making, the Alternative/Rock style album features 13 original songs. Offering a seamless blend of original ballads and rock, pop and soul compositions, the album kicks off in high gear with a soul-stirring musical tribute to Prince. Támar releases a tidal wave of emotion in the title song that conveys the iconic performer’s influence on her life and musical style.

“The song was inspired by everything he taught me. I remember shedding tears and playing the song over and over, and I immediately thought of every question people asked when it came to me being a part of his musical journey and him a part of mine. I remembered pivotal moments on my journey I’ve never shared, such as being on food stamps to breaking down in college to getting anonymous calls saying I would never put out an album, Támar revealed. “I instantly wiped my tears and said out-loud, ‘Here’s my second album.’ Who would’ve thought that I would redefine success by merely staying true to the course and not compromising my sound.”

Fans can expect funk, rock, and soul mixed in with lyrical stories and strong melodies. A sample of the tracks on the CD, include “I Wanna Be Free,” “Rock On,” “New Day,” “Let’s Get-a-Way” and “ReCharge Me,” which evoke a sense of a fresh beginning for the singer who is forging a new path that has been paved with “tenacity, perseverance, faith and a strong support team.”

With the album’s Sept. 30th release, plans are in the works for a multi-city music tour.

Davis’ highly-anticipated sophomore album is available on, iTunes and via other major outlets and is available to pre-purchase and listen at

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Prince protégé and “The Voice” Season 10 contestant Támar Davis celebrates release of new album