Rapper Nipsey Hussle’s life cut short but legacy will live on

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(Last Updated On: April 2, 2019)

Editorial photo credit: JStone / Shutterstock.com

By Morgan Chassidy Knotts

Ermias Davidson Asghedom affectionately known as “Nipsey Hussle”, an American Rapper, was fatally shot yesterday 3/31/2019.  He was hosting a community event in the Hyde Park neighborhood shopping center he owned in LA, just outside his store The Marathon Clothing store. The shooting took place right after Nipsey finished taking a photo with a young fan, he and two others were gunned down, according to sources. The initial reports were grave but vague. Nipsey was rushed to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead soon after.

This is not your typical shooting of any well-known artist. This was a man who was a very positive and influential leader in his community. He was only 33 years old but had the intellect and kindness to encourage black people to be great, since he first began rapping, as a young self-proclaimed gang banger. He took his life back and became an inspiration to other young people that wanted a way to escape gang life. He was a mentor to this generation. He taught about health, investing, producing positive energy, philanthropy, education and overcoming the gang lifestyle. He was a caring gentle soul who left a lasting impact on all he had the opportunity to encounter. His life and legacy will not be silenced.

Nipsey chose to stand up for injustice in the black community while also giving back to help the needs in his community. He walked out his life exactly as he taught it, and invited all of us to join in. He desired for us to come together and better ourselves collectively. He promoted unity in the black community, gang community and the health community for us to take back our narrative.

I first took notice of Ermias as a different type of man through his open displays of affection shown toward the love of his life, Ms. Lauren London. The way he moved with her intrigued me. It was enough to follow their relationship as it progressed because he seemed so genuine with her. She is also in the public eye as an actress, so their love story was on display for all to see. It was a special thing to witness how he could openly love her, addressing her insecurities with patience and love. The sense you get when you hear others speak of him is love. He made everyone who crossed his path feel hopeful through their encounter, even if only meeting once. He had such pure intentions accompanied by a positive outlook on where we should be heading.

He was known to be a self-made man. He owned his shortcomings and failures. Nipsey achieved success in the music industry independently, earning him his first-ever Grammy nomination this February for his album, “Victory Lap”. Never straying away from the life he once lived, he embraced the former gang life, so he could become a part of what changed it. He had been working towards changing how we approach young people who could be drawn into gang life. His next step was scheduled to be with the LAPD. This meeting would have taken place this week to continue efforts to further the cause. He represented what change looks like for many trying to overcome the gang lifestyle.

His philanthropic efforts were not in vain. Although as an indie artist most of his music was not mainstream, his underground following is real. He has helped raise fans and followers who are dedicated enough to continue to push for change and transparency, not just be connoisseurs of his musical legacy. He had been interviewed by the “Breakfast Club” radio show about his desires to do a documentary on Dr. Sebi’s trial in the mid to late 1980s that was brought against him by the State of New York. Dr. Sebi won his case when he was able to prove he could completely heal and reverse the effects of AIDS. During this interview, Nipsey stated that he knew there were possible consequences to try and silence anyone who enlightened people, if it interfered with Big Business, Government, or Pharmaceuticals.

One man with one mic has always been a powerful tool. Many have been knocked out of the race for speaking a far less truth than Ermias has spoken. The hope now is that everyone remains positive. There have not been any real gang wars in Los Angeles for a long while now. Should there be any turmoil to suddenly arise because of this terrible event, the National Guard is already set to be put into action at a moments notice. There has been speculation of corruption because the type of training that would be required to execute a person the way Nipsey Hussle was murdered. Despite the many attempts to sway your opinion, or the use of Nipsey’s death to gain clout, try to remain objective while waiting for the real outcome. It is believed by those who were present during the event, that the shooting style could only have been taught professionally and is believed not to have been a less professional style shooter or a previous neighborhood gang rival from his past. There is not a person who has openly had anything negative to say about this King.

Although many find it hard to believe that anyone would want Nipsey dead, we hope that the right individuals involved are found and given their day in court. We pray for a thorough investigation, a speedy arrest and an appropriate verdict be given to all involved in this tragedy. We offer our most sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.

About the Author

Morgan Chassidy Knotts of Houston, Texas grew up in the Acres Homes community enjoying all genres of music. Beginning in her early childhood until her adolescent years she performed in her church and school choirs. After spending time pursuing other collegiate and career options, she was led back to her first loves: writing and music. Although it had been several years since she had really been disciplined with her craft, she never lost her love for writing or music. When she began to pursue writing for her music career again, the process was longer and has proven to be much tougher than she remembered, but her love of music would not let opposition win.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle gone too soon but legacy will live on