So Proud

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2017)

Brian Courtney Wilson has come a long way since his days as a child perform­ing talent shows on the front stoop of his Chicago home, and briancourtneyhas much to be proud of, including the release of his new CD.

The celebrated national gospel recording artist is excited about his latest recording projectand the impact he hopes the 12-tract CD will have on the lives of individuals who are challenged with tough times.

The CD, titled, “So Proud,” released by Music World Gospel, a division of Music World Entertainment, conveys the encouragement Wilson spoke into his own life two years ago around the holidays when he was going through what he describes as “kind of a tough time.”

“I was reflecting on why I shouldn’t be in despair and why I needed to keep believing in the journey God had put inside of me to do music and to do it successfully,” says Wilson.

In challenging economic times, Wilson shares a message of hope and encouragement aimed at reminding listeners of the many reasons to be thankful.

The CD is a musical journey that sheds light on “why we are able to keep our heads  up in tough times, what you have to go through, what do you need to believe as far as the dream and  vision that God has given or just what it takes to make it day to day— taking care of your family or doing your best on the job God has given you,” says Wilson.

Mathew Knowles, founder, president and CEO of Music World Entertainment, the record label for the CD, describes Wilson as “consistent with his music, ministry and artistry.

“He has a great spirit, great work ethic and deserves all the great things that have come his way,” said Knowles, in a recent Music Word Gospel media release.

The signature single from Wilson’s CD, has received a great response during its initial play according to feedback Wilson has received from various radio DJs from across the country.

On the single, Wilson evokes his memories of church people and their faith in God to uphold them as they work to pay the bills, take care of their kids and homes and make it through the week, still believing.

Born in Chicago and raised in a Christian home, Wilson is grateful for his upbringing. Both his mother and father were singers and encouraged him through the examples they set.

“My dad used to make me go to male chorus rehearsals with him and I would hate it because there were TV shows I wanted to see—Love Boat and Fantasy Island– that I wobwilson104uld miss because of rehearsals, ” shares Wilson.

Wilson now appreciates the experiences.

“They were nurturing the gift and my dad was nurturing the value of community. It wasn’t easy for working class Black men in Chicago in those days, so those guys would get together every week and not only sing songs, but they would share stories and testimonies about how they made it over,” says Wilson.

Fast forward to the present, and Wilson is using his gift to emulate those examples, as he shares his story in a way that helps others overcome.

A photo of Wilson as a one-year old wearing headphones  comprises the cover of the CD and serves as a glimpse into the early beginnings of his love for music.

“I have always had music in me and I remember doing talent shows on my front stoop where kids would come in and judge the show. I have always been a singer and people have always tried to shut me up since the third grade,” says Wilson

It would be hard to find anyone trying to silence the gifted singer/songwriter and three-time Gospel Music Association Dove Award nominee  these days, instead his countless fans have been anticipating the long-awaitedrelease of his latest CD.

Wilson shares a peek into several songs on the CD.

“We have a song on the album called “Closer” which talks about you being closer than you think to whatever God is calling you to, so keep going, keep trusting, keep believing that God is going to bring you through,” he shares.

“I was reflecting on why I shouldn’t be in despair and why I needed to keep believing in the journey God had put inside of me to do music and to do it successfully.”- Brian Courtney Wilson

Another tract, “Obey Anyway,” was written to encourage you to remain faithful, even when you don’t know what the next step will be, just trust that God has you in the palm of his hand,” shares Wilson.

The final tract, “So Proud,” is about remembering…remembering the reasons why you should keep going when the days seem the hardest… remembering your value when people cast you aside…remembering the people who did not give up on you when you felt like giving upon yourself…and most of all it’s about remem­bering that the reason we have so much to remember is because God has always been there to make a way through the people in our lives,’” says Wilson in a release announcing the CD.bcourtneypiano58

“The most important thing for me is for the CD to have impact. I want [the public] to buy it because it has value to them and I want it to have value to them because they hear God’s voice on it,” says Wilson.

For Wilson, the decision to follow his dream has been worth the pain he has had to endure, particularly when he hears stories from individuals of how a particular song on his first CD saved their life.

The new CD as already had an impact on his nine-year-old son.

“He loves the CD and listens to it with me. It is probably because he knows where it’s from, where it was birthed out of, because he was there in the days when I was just trying to keep my head above water. He is nine years old, but kids can sense when all is not right and also when you’ve got that peace,” shares Wilson.

On Perspective and Faith

For Wilson, his new CD allowed him to shift his perspective on challenges he has faced since taking a step of faith to follow his dreams.

Making the decision to leave the corporate world and a comfortable income in pharmaceutical sales sound­ed crazy to many of his friends and family members, but, inspite of the challenges, he has no regrets.

Gaining his wife’s support and watching her gain a sense of peace, despite her initial doubts, is gratifying for Wilson.

“The most fulfilling thing is that I am obeying God’s commandment to me on what He was telling me to do. If you make the step and keep walking it out man, you will never regret it one day in your life,” says Wilson.

His advice to others desiring to step out on faith to live their dreams is—”first make a plan, count the costs and then —shake off the fear and do it.”

“You may be the only one that believes, but that needs to be enough,” says Wilson.

His sophomore CD, in stores Feb. 7, can be purchased on I-Tunes, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and other retail out­lets. It also is available online at

So Proud