Surprise Labor Day Proposal for Crystle Stewart

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(Last Updated On: September 18, 2013)

Raw Unedited Footage of Event

Crystle Stewart (Miss USA 2008not only captured the hearts of the nation as Miss USA in 2008, but also has captured the heart of Max Sebrechts, a Belgian-born international model she has dated for the past 3 years.

On Labor Day, Sebrechts pulled out all the stops for a one-of-a-kind proposal before getting down on bended knee to pop the question to a surprised Stewart at her family’s Missouri City, Texas home.Crystle Stewart (Miss USA 2008) with soon-to-be husband.

Sebrechts took to the skies to perform a labor of love for Stewart in a specially-chartered helicopter on Monday.  The entourage, made up of Sebrechts, Stewart and her younger sister, Breana, made an “unexpected” stop at the family’s annual Labor Day celebration, where friends and family members – in on the surprise – witnessed the proposal.

“I couldn’t believe everyone had been able to keep it from me,” said Stewart, who thought the pilot was merely doing a complimentary “fly-over” her family home.

Stewart’s family and friends, a part of Sebrechts’ romantic proposal, wore specially-themed shirts bearing the words “LOVE” and “True Love is Crystle Clear” and carried signs that read, “Say Yes” and “Congrats” as Sebrechts dropped down on one knee.

Surveying her ring and getting the thumbs up from her best friend and a couple of other friends and family members, Stewart happily accepted Sebrechts’ proposal.

Sebrechts set plans in motion for his romantic proposal months earlier, the old-fashioned way, by asking Stewart’s parents, Robert and Cynthia Stewart, for their blessings.

“He told me he wanted to ask for Crystle’s hand and wanted to talk to her father,” shared Cynthia Stewart.

“I told him I was fine with it because Crystle had already assured me she flet 100 percent loved and secure with him. I told him that Bobby is a little bit tougher, but you talk to him and you all go to dinner and I’ll also send my son,” added Stewart’s mother.

Sebrechts didn’t take long to receive the thumbs up from Stewart’s father after assuring him he would not be moving to Belgium and taking his daughter with him.

“[My husband] and I have really been up in the clouds, because we felt that she had a very good young man, a gentleman.  He is everything that a mother would want in a man for her daughter,” said Stewart’s mother.

Stewart’s younger sister, Breana, who played a key role in making Sebrechts’ proposal of a lifetime happen also gave her sisterly seal of approval.

“I love Max. He is a cool guy and makes my sister very happy, and whatever makes my sister happy, makes me happy,” said Breana Stewart.

The family has experienced a whirlwind of excitement in the past several years since Stewart was crowned Miss USA and were excited to share the proposal with family and friends.

“[The proposal] was kind of like a grand finale and having friends and family there was just a blessing that made it even better.  I wanted them to have a grand time,” says Cynthia Stewart.

On the heels of her daughter’s proposal, Stewart is wasting no time in planning for the upcoming nuptials.

“I’ve already gotten three different venues to choose from and have gotten the list together and I am ready to rock and roll,” she said.

Sebrechts also has been thinking of ideas for the wedding.

“I told him, you are through, sit down, we will take it over,” laughed Cynthia Stewart.

Stewart, a native of Missouri City, presently resides in Los Angeles and has gone on to co-star in the Tyler Perry television series, “For Better Or Worse.”

The pair was in town to co-host the Miss Texas USA 2014 preliminary competition.

A date for the wedding has not been announced.


Surprise Labor Day Proposal for Crystle Stewart (Miss USA 2008)