The 2014 BET Awards

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(Last Updated On: July 4, 2014)

Photo credits:  2014 BET Awards Show, Black Entertainment Television.

This year was not only a great year for the artists of music we love, but it also marks the 50th anniversary for the Civil Rights Act. During the show, the CEO of Black Entertainment Television (BET), Debra Lee, expressed just how far African Americans have come in history.

There was a huge period where African Americans couldn’t get jobs, let alone have their own television network. The creation of BET along with the Civil Rights Act created a path for them to express themselves as well as get the same privileges as other races that could go above and beyond anything African Americans had the power to do. This path definitely has not gone unnoticed and is recognized by many of the stars.

“At one time, black people was getting blacked out on the TV, now they own they own network,” Nicki Minaj said.

Chris Rock, host of The BET Awards, definitely proved his comedic ability from the start of the show to the end. Along with his hysterical jokes about singers, actors/actresses, and rappers, I’m sure what struck many viewers the most was his attempt at learning if Caucasians really knew what BET stood for. Many of those who were questioned were unsure, but after the award show, they certainly found out.

From the musical aspect of The BET Awards, many artists hit the stage with jaw-dropping performances that seemed like they couldn’t come soon enough. The line-up included Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Jhené Aiko, John Legend, Silk, Robin Thicke and many more.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who were set to perform as a closing act, did not attend, presumably, because they were on their ‘On the Run’ tour, but videos of that tour were displayed for the world to see instead.

Every single performer set the bar high for performers to follow at next year’s award show.
Virginia-raised artists, such as Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliot took the stage first, which they haven’t done in years. This shows that there is always that gap of opportunity open for any artist willing to showcase his or her talent(s). Williams also took home two awards for his song “Happy”, which has unexpectedly struck a chord in the ears of people everywhere.

“This is an award for all the people,” Williams said, speaking about how many people had made videos of his song, showing what being “happy” truly meant to them.

One major surprise of the night was the return of multi-talented artist and R&B icon, Chris Brown. After Brown’s release from jail, he still managed to wow the crowd as if he’d never left. Brown seemed comfortable on stage, which as many could say, is where he truly belongs.

Two new artists to the stage this year included August Alsina and Iggy Azalea. August Alsina won two awards including, Best New Artist and the Coca-Cola Viewers Choice Award, which was a huge accomplishment in his career. While his career may have taken a fast start, he surely isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Earlier this year, he released his album, “Testimony”, which debuted songs such as, “I Luv This Sh*t” and “Make it Home,” which have proved to be remarkable hits. Iggy Azalea, on the other hand, has gotten much recognition from her hits “Work” and “Change Your Life,” which features rapper-actor T.I. Both artists put on a spectacular performance, proving that they deserved to be on stage among some of the greatest.

To top off the whole celebration, Lionel Richie, an artist who is not so new to the stage, received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his many accomplishments throughout his musical career. His being in the music industry for so long truly has inspired many artists of generations that have come after him. He has had a long and successful career, paving the way for others who have the same dream.

Photo credits:  2014 BET Awards Show, Black Entertainment Television

The 2014 BET Awards