The Aaliyah Story (One in a Million)

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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2014)

In remembrance of singer, dancer, and actress, Aaliyah Haughton, VH1 is set to premiere The Aaliyah Story (One in a Million) on August 25, 2014. This year will mark the 13th anniversary of her death. For some, this biopic will bring fans even closer to understanding the life and death of the R&B star, but to others, the film has taken a somewhat repelling approach.

Many fans and family members wonder how the movie will portray Aaliyah’s memory. To be specific, it’s possible to consider that they want the biopic to be created solely to tell her story, rather than to make money off of her life. Like many people who’ve lost loved ones, Haughton’s family, for years, have decided to keep her memories as private as possible seeing that she was always in the public eye. However, this year, it has been confirmed that the movie will be underway pretty soon. One in a Million YouTube Trailer.

Photo by Eric Johnson
Photo by Eric Johnson

With Aaliyah being so talented, finding someone to play her role has surely been a challenge for casting directors. With the news that there will be a movie, everyone wants to know who will play Aaliyah in The Aaliyah Story (One in a Million). Many women have auditioned, but everyone will just have to tune in to VH1 at 9/8C to see who was lucky enough to capture the role.

Hopefully, like the TLC movie that showed the ups and downs of female music group TLC, which was also premiered by VH1, The Aaliyah Story (One in a Million) will bring more light to Aaliyah’s music and keep her memory alive. It’s already proven that her death has not rendered her from sending her message through her music. Some of her greatest hits, such as “One in a Million,” “Rock the Boat,” and “Try Again,” still hit the radio stations, reminding fans exactly who started a major movement for R&B and revolution of dance. In her videos, one can expect to see an exceptional dance portion set aside in order to showcase her versatility as an artist. Many new artists have grasped her versatility, which has played a part in making their careers. To say she has been an inspiration would simply be an understatement.

Earlier in Aaliyah’s career, fans everywhere were excited to see her beautiful face plastered across TV screens in films she starred in, such as Romeo Must Die and Queen of the Damned. However, this time around, she won’t be starring in the movie. Instead, The Aaliyah Story (One in a Million) is her movie that she will not have to audition for. This time she will be the star that is being honored beyond the grave for her expertise.

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The Aaliyah Story (One in a Million)