The Isaac Sisters Take Center Stage

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

Empower Magazine recently had the awesome opportunity to enjoy a behind-the-stage interview with the highly The Isaac Sisterstalented and gifted Isaac Sisters out of Austin, Texas following their recent performance at the House of Blues in Houston. It was indeed time well spent interviewing future superstars.

Though their stage name is “The Isaac Sisters,” their individual names are Asia, Aliyah and Shakira, and their ages range from 11 to 14 years old. They fell in love with music very early on having been heavily influenced by the old school music their parents always played like the Temptations and Michael Jackson; all the oldies but goodies.

The sisters are presently working on their first album having already written a number of their own original songs. They are so thankful for the tremendous support from their parents, friends, growing fan base and schools.

The Isaac Sisters possess an incredible stage presence, so EM inquired into who creates their choreography? Well not to our surprise, they quickly responded that they do their own choreography. They went on to admit that the level of excellence they present on stage requires hours of practice every day while still getting their school work done. It is a hard balance, but they manage to pull it off by practicing in a home studio.

The Isaac Sisters @ House of Blues

The Isaac Sisters’ parents,  Jerald and Myra Isaac, were thoughtful enough to share some other interesting things about their gifted daughters, such as:

Their daughters enjoy writing their own songs that relate to them and others. They describe their music as fun, catchy, inspirational and will make you dance. They have been performing on stage since 2008 at the ages of 8 years, 6 years and 4 years old. Their first live performance was at their old elementary school in front of the entire school singing the Negro National Anthem for Black History Month.

Even though they have a higher goal to be the longest lasting worldwide mega superstars’ sisters group, they are still young girls that love to stay their age. They still attend public school and are ‘A’ and ‘B’ honor students. They engage in various school activities, including theater, choir and sports. Their schools are behind them 100 percent and motivate them to keep working hard to become rising stars in the music industry.

Their daughters have a busy schedule, but have the drive and determination to achieve their goals. As they say “We won’t stop until we reach the stop.” The Isaac Sisters continue to craft their skills to become the next BIG thing in the entertainment and music industry.

The Isaac Sisters

In five to ten years from now, The Isaac Sisters see themselves on a huge stage saying “Thank You” to everyone that has helped and supported them along the way. The groups that they really admire and look up to as models for their future in the music and entertainment industry are the Jackson Five, Destiny’s Child; all the great groups of the past.

For more information on The Isaac Sisters visit their website at

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The Isaac Sisters Take Center Stage