Tyler Perry’s ‘For Better or Worse’ returns April 9 on OWN

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(Last Updated On: April 5, 2014)

“For Better or Worse” Cast Shot | Credit: Courtesy of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

Fans who have been waiting for the return of Tyler Perry’s hit TV series, “For Better or Worse,” will be glad to hear that the popular OWN Network program, is returning on April 9 for its fourth season.

Season 3 of the series, featuring local, Crystle Stewart, Miss USA 2008, ended with a cliffhanger focused on Stewart’s character, Leslie, and a new client who was revealed to be her stalker in the season finale.

The beginning of Season 4 will cue viewers in on Leslie’s fate and reconnect them with the ensemble cast of players in Perry’s top-rated situation comedy about the often-challenging love lives of four couples.

The series follows Marcus and Angela Williams, played by Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith of Perry’s hit feature films ‘Why Did I Get Married’ and ‘Why Did I Get Married Too,’ and integrates the love lives of Angela’s best friend, Leslie, and Marcus’ best friend, Joseph, portrayed by Jason Olive.

The cast rounds out with Kiki Haynes (Keisha), Kent Faulcon (Richard), Cocoa Brown (Jennifer) and Brad James (Todd) who each kick the relationship drama up a notch in his/her own unique way.

The new season kicks off with two half-hour shows starting at 8 and 8:30 p.m. CST and 9 and 9:30 EST/PST as Joseph searches frantically for Leslie.

The show promises to bring more of the drama and comedy that has made Tyler Perry’s popular TV series a hit.

Tyler Perry’s ‘For Better or Worse’ returns April 9 on OWN