4 Ways to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall

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(Last Updated On: September 24, 2014)

Photos: Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com

According to the calendar, the fall season typically begins Sept. 22 and ends Dec. 21; however, if you live within the city limits of Houston, you know as well as I do that the fall season can last well into the end of the year and winter may or may not begin around the slated time frame.  With that said, you still have time to add your favorite summer pieces to your fall wardrobe.  Don’t get beside yourself this season and think you have to throw out your summer gear and purchase a whole new wardrobe.  With these four tips you can save and be stylish at the same time this fall.

1.  Keep summer pieces that can add color to your wardrobe, but store items that are typically worn on a hot summer day.

Pack up the neon tanks, striped maxi dresses and anything linen. Read More