Achieving the POW Factor

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(Last Updated On: December 11, 2013)

By Kim Roxie, Beauty Contributor

Put the Pow! In your EmPOWer Look – it’s time for an upgrade

Do you have the Pow! Factor?

You know the effect where when you walk in the room all heads turn or when you take your seat at the boardroom table, everyone is at attention in respect?

Kim Roxie of Lamik Beauty

We call that the Pow! Factor where your look – inside and out – says I got the Power!

Thinking about bringing 2013 to a close and looking towards 2014, I must say, I want to conclude this year with a Pow! Maybe a huge goal accomplished or a new updated look for the holidays.

Here are a few tips to make your own Pow! statement:

Prepare yourself for the Opportunity to Win! (P.O.W.!)

Preparation gives you time to get ready and gives you time to think through the strategy.

Opportunity is the Occasion you have been given to expose your preparation.

Winning isn’t it all about Winning! Winning means doing your Best!

So put the Pow! In EmPower and get your Blessings.

About Kim Roxie

Kim Roxie is owner of LAMIK Beauty, an eco-chic make-up, skin, and eye-lash product line.  Her eco-friendly products are available in select Macy’s stores.  She has won numerous awards including Bethel’s Place Black Chamber of Commerce’s B-Excellent Award, 2012 Pinnacle Award, Spirit of Business Award and numerous other honors. For more information, visit

EmPOWer Your Look – It’s Time for an Upgrade