“Ask The Esthetician” answers your personal beauty questions

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(Last Updated On: January 16, 2014)

veramooremakeupimageVera Moore, owner of Vera Moore Cosmetics is bringing makeup and skin care up close and personal in the new year with the launch of a new feature, called “Ask The Esthetician.”

Visitors to TheEmpowerMag.com web site will now be able to receive email responses to their makeup and skin care questions directly from one of the company’s leading beauty experts.

Consuella Helms-Jeune, National Training Director and licensed esthetician for Vera Moore Cosmetics, will use her training and expertise in the cosmetics field to educate and empower Empower Magazine readers on make up and skin care.

She will answer your questions, share the importance of knowing your proper skin type, and recommend the correct skin care regimen and products.

How does it work?

When a reader visits the Empower Magazine website they can click on the “Ask The Esthetician” logo and will be taken to a form that will allow them to enter their name, email and beauty and skin care question.

Individuals will receive a direct email response to their questions from top beauty expert Consuella Helms-Jeune of Vera Moore Cosmetics.

So what are you waiting on?

Log on to TheEmpowerMag.com and get your beauty on!

Be Empowered!

About Vera Moore

Vera Moore is owner of Vera Moore Cosmetics,  a family-owned make-up and  skin care company with products in select retail outlets nationwide, with a local presence in Walgreen’s LOOK boutique at Westheimer/Sage in the Galleria area.

“Ask The Esthetician” answers your personal beauty questions