Back to School Shopping on a Budget

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2014)

Did you over spend on this year’s family vacation?  Were there some unexpected home repairs during the summer?  Or maybe you had to pay back money to the IRS this year and that tapped into your back to school budget.  Whatever the situation don’t panic, there are tons of ways you can save on back to school clothes shopping for children and teens this year.  If you follow these three budget rules, then you are in for a load of savings this school year.

First, will your child attend a private or public school this year and are uniforms mandatory?  If your child wears a uniform to school and the child has not grown extensively over the past year, then re-using last years uniforms are an option.  Just take to the uniforms to your local cleaners to have anything altered or any loose threads mended.  The less money spent on uniforms, the more money you have to spend on shoes.  Uniforms are a bit on the pricey side, however, if you believe your child can use the uniforms for another year or two, then spending a few extra dollars on shoes for the school year won’t break your pocket.

Secondly, online shopping is almost as convenient as going to the mall.  Finding the right deals online are not hard.  If your child will attend public school, then let your child pick their favorite stores and let the deals roll in.  Most online stores have deals like free shipping for items over $50.00, which you can receive  your items within two business days depending on the website.  Also, if it is your first time shopping on the website, then most sites have an automatic pop-up which invites you to sign up for an email and receive anywhere from a 10 to 20 percent discount.  Also, look for coupon codes online to receive an extra percentage off your online cart.  Other low cost websites like Amazon and Zappos might have something that you are looking for in regards to school clothing and supplies that may be more in the mall than online.

Lastly, thrifting is another cost-effective way to find all things needed for the school year.  You can find shoes, backpacks, purses, jackets, jeans anything that your child will need for the year is at your fingertips at a thrift store.  Once the summer is over most people are gearing up for fall fashions, so you can find a number of summer articles that are gently used if not brand new for your child to wear for the next couple of months.  However, if you know fashion, most pieces evolve every year.  So updating your children’s fall wardrobe from last year with new accessories and a couple pairs of new shoes will add spunk to their previous fall wardrobe and leave a couple of extra dollars in your pocket to buy a new piece here and there for them throughout the year.

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