Dahsar by Rashad taking fashion to new heights in Hollywood and beyond

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(Last Updated On: June 5, 2021)

Photo credit: Derrick Dean

Atlanta, GA (May 2021) – Since the age of 12, Rashad Calhoun has always had a passion for fashion and creating dramatic pieces of art that allowed him to express how he was feeling at any given time. At 14, his mother bought him his first sewing machine and he created his first dress for a friend.  Back then, he never could have imagined that 20 years later he would be a major force in the fashion industry – featuring his work at premier fashion shows, being displayed on billboards in Times Square, or styling some of the hottest names in Hollywood through his company Dahsar by Rashad

However, that is now his reality. The Chester, Pa. native has showcased his designs at New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and numerous othershows across the U.S. Recently, he appeared on the cover of fashion publication, BB Magazine, and is currently in the middle of a crazy prom season where teens nationwide will flaunt customized Dahsar-made dresses and tuxedos. His work is finally gaining the recognition it deserves.

“So far I have styled people like Lil’ Mo, Selena Johnson, Charlie Baltimore, and stars from Growing Up Hip Hop, Love & Hip Hop and other TV shows. This July I am doing a fashion show for Trina Braxton,” Calhoun said. “I can’t even disclose some of the names I am about to work with yet, but they are huge A-listers. This is the most exciting period of my life and I am happy to see all of my hard work paying off.”

A true workaholic and craftsman, Calhoun has remarkably constructed all of his unique clothing items single-handedly. He doesn’t have a team or an assistant; just gifted hands and a knack for innovation. Often, representatives for celebrities contact him in need of outfits for their clients within a day of a red carpet event or award show. He has been known to turn around dresses in six hours, packaged and shipped across the country on more than one occasion. 

One of those instances was for Koryn Hawthorne, Dove Award Winner, past finalist on NBC’s The Voice who was attending the Grammys as a nominee. Also, with the COVID-19 pandemic ruining prom season for millions of teens last year, his requests for dresses and tuxedos in 2021 have shot through the roof. In fact, he already has orders and deposits made all the way up to the year 2023.

“Being a celebrity designer and stylist is definitely not easy. It takes a lot of work, learning the clients and fitting the theme oftheir events,” he said. “It is fast-paced and sometimes stressful, but I was made for this. I have been underrated for some time, but my hands have begun to put me in the right places because I am not good, but great at what I do.”

Moving ahead, Calhoun will be designing cast members for TV reality shows and is preparing to open a Dahsar storefront. His celebrity clients continue to rise, and the ones he is slated to work for this year will likely catapult him towards the top of the industry. He is poised and ready for the moment. 

To stay up to date on the latestconcerning Rashad Calhoun and his Dahsar brand, follow him on Instagram@officiallydahsar. 

Dahsar by Rashad taking fashion to new heights in Hollywood and beyond