Designing Ventures with Brooke Vallaire

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(Last Updated On: March 9, 2015)
By Andrea Henderson

Houston native Brooke Vallaire has always had a passion for art and her attention to details was one of a kind.  Her mother, Shareca Vallaire, remembers her daughter, as early as two years old, coloring inside the lines and drawing landscapes on a daily basis.  Brooke continued to hone her innate gift, garnering numerous art awards, including an award from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo art contest.

Brooke Vallaire

Family members and friends believed in Brooke’s talent, but at the time Brooke was designing just for fun.  She would design at home, school and even sketch while she attended her weekly meetings for her school’s fashion club.

She soon began sketching clothing designs and, by the age of 9, had created over 40 designs.  Her mother’s longtime friend, a seamstress, took notice and urged her to encourage Brooke to pursue fashion design.

It was not long before Brooke became inspired by her mom to start her own company.

“At the time I was so young, I did not think I could turn my hobby into a business,” said Brooke.

As Brooke’s interest in fashion design grew, Brooke’s mother, owner of Success 4 Kidz Child Development Center, continued to push her daughter towards her dreams and goals.

“We were leaving the mall one day, when my mom said, ‘we are no longer buying clothes from department stores, you will work for it and design my clothes and your own clothes from now on,’” Brooke said.

Her mother’s challenge led to the birth of “Vallaire’s” – a custom clothing line, featuring a collection of Brooke’s original designs.

In February, Brooke and several friends showcased 14 of her original designs at her Sweet 16 masquerade birthday celebration before an audience of about 100 friends and family members. Brooke graced the red carpet in a red and gold high-low ball gown with matching feathery masquerade mask.  The fashion show featured several designs from the teen designer’s Aesthetic Collection, including several bold- colored ball gowns, sleeveless cocktail dresses, neutral jackets and tailored business suits.

The Houston teen has not only designed gowns and business suits for her own collection, but also for many well known business women across the Houston area, including LAMIK Beauty owner, Kim Roxie, who donned a Vallaire original to receive a Houston Pinnacle award in 2012.

Brooke gains creative inspiration from everyday fashions to designs from other countries.

The talented teen designer has come a long way from her first design – a jean capri set, with her name spelled on the back in animal print and rhinestones.

Brooke aspires to become the next Vera Wang or Betsey Johnson.  With five regular clients, she designs for women, ages 30 and 50, who are comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to try something different.  Her red carpet gowns are daring and elegant and her business suits are chic and classy.

“To me fashion is thinking outside the box and the creation of the design reveals a person’s inner beauty,” Brooke said.

What matters to Brooke the most as a young fashion designer is that her clients are satisfied.  She also hopes to use her gift to inspire other young people to step out on faith.

“I wish more children my age knew the place they wanted to go at an early age, so they could be more focused on the future, but that’s why I’m here to help try to connect people to their dreams and aspirations,” Brooke said.

Brooke believes that, “If God has given you a talent you should run with it and don’t let anybody knock you down.”

With a busy schedule as a young CEO, running her own company, Brooke has not lost sight of her community.  She volunteers regularly with her church and school and also is a member of a number of organizations.

In 2013, Brooke is focused and determined and has plans to produce her own fashion show and get several of her designs into local boutiques.   She also has plans to expand her designs to include clothing and accessories for men and children.

For more of Brooke’s work, visit and like her Facebook page at or visit for her latest looks.

Designing Ventures with Brooke Vallaire