Iyanni Pradia hosts “Winter Lights Fashion Show”

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(Last Updated On: April 29, 2015)

Photo credit: Donald Lee

11-year-old Iyanni Pradia hosted her debut fashion event, “Winter Lights Fashion Show”, during the holidays and wowed the diverse crowd with a wide selection of original designs.

More than 20 models donned Pradia’s designs for an inspiring and one-of-a-kind fashion show sponsored by Thinkzilla PR & Consulting Group, Mini Cooper, Big Girls Rock 2, Alex Green Media, Richard Walker of Epiq Films, Positive Legacy Entertainment and Not Jus Donuts.

Kirk Franklin’s “The Walls Group” took to the stage to perform renditions of several favorite Christmas carols as hosts Ms. America 2013  Chiniqua Pettaway and Ms. America Black Teen 2015, Kaylah Baker announced Iyanni Pradia’s designs during the event.

Iyanni’s mother, Lisa Pradia, called the event “a hit” despite a limited marketing budget and thanked the sponsors and attendees for their support.

The pre-teen fashion designer also used the fashion show as a platform to promote her anti-bullying campaign and shared her hopes of developing her fashion line and donating proceeds from sales of her fashions to local schools to support their anti-bullying efforts.

Take a peek below at some of Pradia’s original designs from her Winter Lights Fashion Show.

For more information on Iyanni Pradia and news of a special Look Book of her fashions, visit www.IyanniPradia.com.

Photo credits: Donald Lee  |  Featuring Iyanni Pradia Original Fashion Designs

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Iyanni Pradia’s Winter Lights Fashion Show