New York fashion & beauty blogger joins Empower Magazine

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(Last Updated On: June 18, 2014)

Empower Magazine is extremely pleased to formally welcome yet another gifted individual to the EM Empowering Writers team, Nicole Williams who currently resides in New York, NY.NICOLE-001

Nicole recently took time out of her busy schedule to entertain a brief Q&A session with the Editor-in-Chief of Empower Magazine. Her very insightful, uplifting and inspiring responses are provided below.

1. How long have you been a New Yorker, and why?

I have been a New Yorker since 1997, that would make it about 17 years.

2. What takes up most of your time during a normal “busy” day?

First of all, I am a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) – so I literally work with a baby on my lap, no exaggeration. I function as a blogger, marketing, image and event consultant, working with highly-motivated career and entrepreneurial people.So on any given day, I am brainstorming and creating editorials, coming up with marketing strategies, directing or creating fashion and makeup styles, or planning and designing beautiful events for clients.

While answering your questions I asked my husband what he thought I spend most of my normal busy day doing, and his response was “building my brand.” After thinking about it, I realized he was right.

3. What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment would be, being able to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) to my girls without abandoning my own career aspirations, but instead it became the fuel that my brand thrives on.

4. In your spare time, what do you really enjoy doing?

I work hard and so I spend a lot of time focused on fulfilling my responsibilities to my clients, associates and my blog. So on off-days, I like to focus on spending downtime with my family, mostly my husband and my now 17-month-old baby girl, as our older daughters make their own plans outside of us. You know how that is? They hit 12 years and parents are like kryptonite – unless they want a ride or money. I like to do non-fussy stuff – things like watching a great movie, taking a walk, go driving and shopping – activities that help me to slow down.Nicole williams-braids

5. What was your main reason for accepting an invitation to join the EM Empowering Writers Team?

I was first introduced to the EM magazine by Vera Moore of Vera Moore Cosmetics and also an EM columnist. Like any other thing I did my research and liked that EM was all about inspiring and uplifting the entrepreneurial spirit, a purpose my own blog and services are aligned with. I figured it would be a great fit.

6. Do you have a professional/personal mentor? If so, who and why?

They say your network determines your net-worth, so I try to surround myself with people who pull me closer to my goals. I have a handful of women who are accomplished in their own right. I go to them for counsel on everything personal to business.

7. Is there anything else you would like the EM readers to know about you?

Yes, but not about me. I would like to say to all the aspiring entrepreneurs, momtrepreneurs and solopreneurs believe in yourself, keep your dreams in front of you at all times and remember… success is always under construction!

Nicole Williams

EM Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment Columnist

For more information, visit Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge.

New York fashion & beauty blogger joins Empower Magazine