Stirring Up Beauty With Kim Roxie

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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

Seven years after launching her “Eco-Chic” make up line, a former professional make-up artist is preparing to debut her eco-friendly line of beauty and skin products in Macy’s.

Kim Roxie is blazing a trail in the beauty industry.

Owner of LAMIK Beauty, the former make-up artist turned entrepreneur introduced her “Eco-Chic” make up line—comprised of all natural ingredients —LAMIK Beauty, to the market in 2004.

This spring, she will achieve another feat as her products will be among a select number of African-American-owned make-up lines to grace the cosmetic counters of Macy’s department stores in Texas and Louisiana.

“That’s not something that happens every day. What I appreciate is that they are excited about doing business with us,” says Roxie.

More than just a product or a brand, LAMIK is a lifestyle and a cause for the innovative business owner.

“LAMIK was created out of the passion to see something different,” says the licensed aesthetician.

A modern-day Madam CJ Walker  in her own right, in the make up and skin care arena, Roxie can be found in the upstairs lab/kitchen of her company’s River Oaks area flagship store mixing recipes or formulas when not spreading her message of health and beauty on Beauty Tours around the country.

She compares her science to cooking and laughs and admits it can get “very messy and it’s not as glamorous as the packaged product.”

A graduate of Clark Atlanta University, the light bulb went on  in her senior year in college where she was studying to become a classical pianist.

While in school, God awakened in her the desire to find the real purpose of make-up, she shares.

“Seeing Black entrepreneurs also invigorated me and was a driving force,” Roxie says of her inspiration.

She also believes her love of make up “is a part of her” DNA, growing up in a home with a mother who was passionate about make-up.

“When you understand the purpose of make-up, you reveal, not conceal “…[beauty] is revealed, not applied, says Roxie, a message she reflects in her mission statement.

As a former make-up artist, she watched for years as countless number of women visited make up counters and purchased products that they wanted, but “not what they needed.”

The experience encouraged her to provide a healthy alternative for women with the launch of LAMIK Beauty.

“Don’t sacrifice your health for beauty, but don’t sacrifice your beauty either, just make a better choice,” she says.

Not only is LAMIK conscious of the customer, but also the environment. After thinking about the countless cosmetics containers that are discarded, Roxie knew she wanted to do something different with her product.

Her desire to safeguard the environment earned her selection as a finalist for the International Green Packaging Design Award.

While a strong proponent of eco-friendly products, she is quick to add that you’re not going to find the “average brown and boring” product display in her stores. LAMIK is full of energy and colors to suit an array of taste. She also refers to LAMIK as “healthy make-up” because of the ingredients.

Her foundations are non-comedogenic and 100 percent fragrance-free and her lip glosses are enriched with natural ingredients such as green tea and Vitamin E, and are free of polybutene, a common ingredient in most lip glosses, according to Roxie.

The company also provides facial care and numerous eyelash products, including her own innovation, the “Celebrity Brow Kit,” her company’s response to the challenge many women face with thinning eye brows.

For the innovative entrepreneur creating is an “ongoing process.”

lamik59Roxie is always researching, listening to her clients, and upgrading her mixes.

When not in the lab, she can be found traveling to workshops, or working with Gospel star, and client, Yolanda Adams. Sometimes she can be found in her Houston office all day or out in the field conducting complimentary make-up sessions for women who are making a transition in life and need a new start.

When asked where she resides, she jokes, “in the United States of America.”

At the end of the day, no matter where she is, she inspires.

And her customers are her greatest inspiration, shares Roxie.

“Customers really determine the colors. Some are even custom-made right before their eyes,” says Roxie.

She has even bigger plans for LAMIK. She wants her brand to be “more accessible to the people…to the world.” Her early commitment still remains, and that is, to never lose the community.

“We realize what makes us who we are.”