The Butterfly Effect

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(Last Updated On: March 18, 2014)

Makeup artistry by Carrie V

By Andrea Henderson, EM contributing writer

Clarester Varie Scott has come a long way from the days of shucking corn, feeding pigs and churning butter on her family’s farm in Bay City, Texas. Today, the talented make-up artist, better known as Carrie V, caters to the beauty needs of a number of celebrities, recording artists and high-profile church and business leaders.

Growing up 80 miles south of Houston, Carrie V was quite the athlete. She had confidence on the track and basketball court, but lacked selfassurance outside of athletics. It was not easy going through grade and high school lacking self-esteem due to a speech impediment. She was quickly labeled as remedial because her teachers did not know how to teach a student with a learning disability, a classification that caused her to label herself and withdraw and doubt her ability to learn, said Scott.

While her learning disability did not limit her athletic pursuits, it kept her from entering local beauty pageants, like her friends and sisters, which left her not feeling beautiful or smart enough. The speech classes she took in high school improved her speech impediment, however, she still had challenges comprehending her study materials in her first years in college at Prairie View A&M University.

When she transferred to Texas Tech University, a professor encouraged her to take a learning disability test to determine what was holding her back from excelling in her studies. As a result, she found out that she not only
had a speech impediment but also dyslexia.

She quickly learned to cope with her learning disability and developed a new-found confidence which led to her winning the 2003/2004 Miss Black and Gold Pageant at her university and earning a bachelor’s degree
in psychology.

While in school, the Bay City native styled hair on the side and applied makeup for her friends for fun. She did not realize it was her passion until a friend asked her to be the make-up artist for her wedding. She took on the job and realized she had an innate skill for applying makeup.

“If I could, I would do makeup for free for the rest of my life,” Carrie V explained, “That’s how passionate I am.”

After her friend’s wedding, Carrie V’s calendar filled up with everything from photo shoots to music videos to proms.

Today she counts gospel recording artist, James Fortune, rap artist, Twista and Erma Davis, president and COO of the Stellar Awards among her clients, as well as several Houston-area pastors, first ladies and numerous
local business owners.


Carrie V does not limit herself exclusively to celebrities, but caters to the make-up needs of the average person. She also caters to a large number of male clients which distinguishes her from the next make-up artist.

As she expands her brand by revamping her website and taking on more traveling gigs, she also is developing plans for her a women’s and men’s cosmetics line and cosmetic school.

In the meantime, she continues to work with the everyday person by encouraging self-confidence through her non-profit organization, called ‘The Butterfly Effect.’  She uses the organization as a platform to increase
inner and outer beauty for women and girls of all ages.

“I love making women feel beautiful about themselves and seeing how much you make them feel better for that moment,” Carrie V said.

Not only does she inspire women and girls through her nonprofit, she also inspires the youth of her church to ‘never lose sight of who you are even though you may have a disadvantage.’

Carrie V’s learning disability simply proves that finding confidence in yourself cannot only lead to a prosperous life but to a life filled with purpose and satisfaction.

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