9 Amazingly Easy Internet Marketing Tips

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(Last Updated On: July 27, 2015)

John Ned, president of Nationwide Technology Group, is an expert in the technology industry. He has graciously decided to collaborate with EM and share some amazingly easy internet marketing tips to assist you in developing and growing a successful online business venture. Please take note of the nine easy tips outlined below.

1. Do GIVEAWAYS – Yes, that’s right! Give away something that you believe has customer/consumer appeal, be it samples, a complimentary product or service or some other freebie. Publicizing and promoting free stuff will greatly increase the probability that your links will be shared with others thereby raising your online visibility in a big way.

2. Add a RESOURCES SECTION –  Doing this should attract potential clients to your site and increase your search engine ranking. Remember, increasing traffic is key to managing a successful site. With a “resources” section, you increase the probability that viewers will return to your site to view those resources, and some will eventually purchase your products.

3. Consider PAY-PER-CLICK advertisement programs – These programs, like Google Adwords, can aid in bringing your website to the top of search listings whenever people are searching for anything that relates to your site. The end result is more visibility and more traffic. Advertising online in some shape form or fashion is always a good idea.

4. Incorporate CHAT –  Indeed, incorporating chat on your website is a great way to connect with people and resolve problems they might experience in real time. Of course, chatting will require that you select a chat program, place a chat function on your web site, and then train someone to available to successfully and consistently represent you and your brand.

5. Allow BUYING on your site – Allow patrons to buy items on your website. Be sure to mark all prices clearly; specify shipping options, charge up front for the benefit of the customer, and, then show all items and charges on a final page before asking the customer to confirm. Once the order is paid for, give a customer confirmation number and estimated  merchandise arrival date.

6. Don’t forget about OFFLINE marketing – Complimenting online marketing tactics with offline marketing is always a good idea. Try having your advertisements put on things like T-shirts, mugs, calendars, and stickers. Give them away to your employees, friends and family. This way you can make them happy and turn them into your personal marketing billboards.

7. Encourage your readers to BOOKMARK your website – If a viewer is interested in returning, they will not mind bookmarking your site for easy return visits. It does not hurt at all to remind your viewers to do something that is for their convenience. They will be thankful to you for doing so.

8. Be sure to maintain a WELL DESIGNED website – A professional looking site will be sure to draw more traffic for you. Your site needs to be appealing, pleasing to the eye and present a clean and organized look. If you do not possess the skillsets to design your site, hire a professional to do it for you. A well-designed website will result in increased bookmarking, subscriptions and return visits. A well designed site might also require you to check out your competition and see what design or layout is working for them.

9. Stay in an “ALWAYS LEARNING” mindset – You will need to do this in order to realize long-term business success. More specifically, this will require you to keep abreast of the newest Internet marketing innovations.

Of course, we all start off small, but definitely do not want to stay that way. So I encourage you to use these tips to help grow and build up your business. Much Success!

9 Amazingly Easy Internet Marketing Tips