Casual Outing to Office Chic

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(Last Updated On: January 3, 2014)

By Cydni M. Meredith, EM Fashion & Beauty Contributor

In 1997, Glamour magazine published an article with the title, “30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the time She’s 30.”

One of those critical things is “something perfect to wear if the employer or the man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour.” Can you check that off of your list?

With both of these potentially life-changing individuals that you will more than likely meet at an untimely hour, you will need to display a presence, image, and brand that modestly represent power, poise, and professionalism…and you need to be able to gather all of these fabulous pieces together fast!

1. The Power Blazer

A slightly padded blazer with give you flattering shape and structure. This piece also communicates strength whether you’re taking your seat at the interview table or your seat at the dinner table during an office social. I keep a blazer hung in my car for occasions such as this. It’s amazing how it can take a basic top and a pair of dark wash denim once paired with a classic pump to the next level. Speaking of pumps….


COOC CydniBlazer2











2. The Modest Pump

The heels are getting higher and the platforms, more playful. A modest heel height (2 1/2 – 3 in.) not only sends a message of reliability to your employer, but it also reassures your personal footing so that you can walk into the room with confidence, pun intended.


COOC CydniPump1







3. The Flattering Slack/Skirt Separate

While for business professional occasions (interviews, presentations, formal dinners, etc.) I would suggest a matching suit combination, for biz-cas events separates will suit you just fine. With the cut of the pant and the hemline of the skirt, always be mindful of the length and fit. Neither should be inappropriately short or tight or unflatteringly long and loose.













4. The Crisp and Covered Top

Now ladies, we should all own a shirt sans evidence of ketchup stains, baby drool, morning toothpaste, or irreversible wrinkle damage. A timeless starched white button up will always get the job done (Ralph Lauren has awesome options!) but for something a little more modern try a textured tank, a silkesque color blocked blouse, or a shirt with sassy ruffles for flair. As always, keep your best kept secrets a secret.



COOC CydniBlazer5












5. The Baggage-less Boss Bag

Channel your inner Badu when choosing your luggage for the day. The bag should be large enough to hold your resume or portfolio but small enough to only hold the essentials while fitting comfortably by your side or under the table. Choose a bag with a structured base so that it will sit straight as you set it on the floor.



COOC CydniPant2












Lastly, remove all old tissue papers, toys, candy wrappers, yesterday’s half eaten snack, and full make up bag so that your belongings aren’t a bulky distraction as you engage in thrilling conversations.

Go forth and live in stylish business casual bliss!

CydStruts of ItsHerStrut.Com

Cydni M. Robertson, Fashion Contributor

Casual Outing to Office Chic