“Disgraced” – a Showtime Feature-Length Documentary screens at SXSW

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(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)

Photo Caption: Former Baylor basketball coach Dave Bliss. | Credit: M. Andrew Barrera)

An Empower Magazine, Inc. Film Review on location at the 2017 SXSW Conference and Film Festival, Austin, Texas.

The setting is Baylor University; the year is 2003; the cast is made up of non-fiction “real life” people who find themselves caught in the grips of a life-changing and gut-wrenching murder mystery. The victim is a NBA-caliber Baylor University basketball player murdered in his prime.

Producer and Director Pat Kondelis

More than a decade later, Producer and Director Pat Kondelis develops and produces a masterfully-laced documentary film titled “Disgraced.” “Disgraced” is a riveting edge-of-your-seat film that revisits the who, what, where, why and how behind the tragic and senseless murder of Baylor University basketball player Patrick Dennehy.

“It made a good news story when it happened, but it was forgotten too quickly,” recounts Pat Kondelis.

In making the documentary, Kondelis pulled together a comprehensive collection of past and recent exclusive interviews of law enforcement officials, coaches, players, friends and family members.   “Disgraced” attempts to make sense of not just the murder, but also the deceit, lies and NCAA rules violation and murder cover-up that followed.

In developing the documentary, Kondelis notes that he literally “bent over backwards” reaching out to everybody involved from law enforcement to university officials. However, the power of money, influence, pride and loyalties that run deep became some of his most daunting obstacles to overcome. Now – with the various scandals over recent years plaguing Baylor University– this captivating documentary deserves the attention of a broad and inquisitive audience.

“Disgraced” is a “must-see” film presentation that airs March 31, 2017 as a Showtime Network feature-length documentary. It is produced by Bat Bridge Entertainment.

In addition to being touted as an established producer and director in Austin, Texas, Pat Kondelis has produced, directed, and shot numerous award-winning documentaries for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). He also has produced several docu-series for CNN, A&E, the History Channel, and National Geographic.

Empower Magazine gives “Disgraced” a 5 of 5 Star rating.

“Disgraced” – a Showtime Feature-Length Documentary screens at SXSW