Eight Reasons Why I Love Living in London, UK

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(Last Updated On: October 20, 2016)
  1. The People

I’ve never been to a city that is so diverse as London. Everyone here comes from someplace else, and it makes for a wide network of different cultures and relations. I know people from the Middle East, France, Spain, Netherlands, Ghana, Italy, etc. Everyone is different, and that’s what makes London special. It’s a melting pot of different nationalities.

  1. The Events

There is a famous quote from Samuel Johnson which says, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” London is constantly filled with events such as art exhibitions, concerts, firework shows, fashion week, silent disco parties, and so on. There is an abundance of things to do for a niche market in London, so whatever you are into and enjoy you can more than likely find it in London.

  1. Christmas Time

I love London in winter because it is the most magical time here. Since Londoners don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas starts pretty early; around mid-November. 2014-11-15-22-18-00There are lighting ceremonies for the Christmas lights, Christmas markets, the start of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, a kind of carnival fair with beer and cultural foods,  and ice skating rinks galore pop up all around London. Aside from autumn, winter here is definitely one of my most favorite times in London and Europe.

  1. Transportation

The United Kingdom (UK) is at your feet with tons of available public transportation that runs throughout the country. I can be in Scotland img_4621by jumping on an hour and a half plane ride, or a six-hour train journey. I can be on the coast of England in two hours by just using a bus. I never have to worry about having a car because I get to most of the places I want by bus, train, or Uber, and the occasional flight if I need to get up north to Ireland. Yes, traveling within the UK feels like the easiest thing in the world.

  1. Proximity to Europe

Being in London, I find that it is very easy to travel to key parts of Europe. I don’t know what will happen after Brexit is finalized, but hopping on a plane and being in Amsterdam 50 minutes later is what I love about living in London. Londoners are separated by the English Channel, yet it is still easy to get across the waters and go backpacking in places you’ve dreamed of going to.

  1. My University

I love my university. It can seem too small at times, but it’s a place where I enjoy my friends, the teachers, and have a fun time off campus as well. If it wasn’t for this school, I wouldn’t even be in London. I love the fact that we are not only taught inside the class room, but as a class we get to go to events or exhibitions that we might not have gone to on our own. They take you around exploring London in order to teach you outside of a university context.

  1. Tea drinking

The Brits love their tea, and I’ve fallen habit. I think I drink about three cups a day now.  I learned that people in the UK drink 165 million cups of tea every day and about 70 million cups of coffee. It just becomes a routine of getting home, turning on the kettle, and having a nice warm drink.

  1. The Weather12233419_10205229821091952_378398151_n

No, London does not experience rain all the time. Like most people, I know that’s what you were thinking. It is not gloomy all the time either. Even though London may not be the warmest place in the world, the sun does make an appearance quite frequently, and when it does, that’s when you’ll see everyone walking around in shorts trying to soak it up. Indeed, London is so beautiful in the sunshine, but wrapping up in a couple of sweaters to stay warm isn’t such a bad idea.

Kayla PicAbout the Author: The EM, Inc. Travel “Guru” Kayla Brock grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Ill. She chose to go to an international university in London for her bachelor’s degree because it offered her an opportunity to study journalism and communications in ways that she felt she would not experience in the United States. Being overseas was an easy decision for her because she had the freedom to travel and explore different cultures from her own. So far, she has been to 20 countries and also has traveled to 24 out of 50 states in the U.S. Kayla enjoys travel writing, photography (digital and film), video editing, hiking, and adventure sports.

Photo Credit: Kayla Brock

Eight Reasons Why I Love Living in London, UK