Getting PIN FIT – Summer Vacation? No Gym, No Problem!

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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2014)

I hear all the time “I’m going on vacation and I don’t know if I’ll be able to stick to my workouts while I’m gone.”  This is a poor excuse for not working out; there are several alternatives to hitting the iron or supplementing your workout with other activities. Below I’ll list a few ways that you can still stay consistent with your routine and enjoy yourself at the same time!

1. Rise and Shine – Nine times out of 10 when you’re on summer vacation you’re within walking distance of a swimming pool. Get up early and jog to the pool, swim a few laps and jog back. Or if you’re at some type of beachfront resort, jog the beach. Take advantage of the alone time to clear your head and take in the beautiful scenery; best of all, you won’t disrupt the family with your early morning jog and should return just in time for breakfast.

2. Dance, Dance, Dance – Pool party, night club, or just being silly with the family; there are so many opportunities to dance away some of those unwanted vacation calories. Dancing vigorously for an hour burns a ton of calories and best of all, IT’S FUN! Don’t be fooled, this shouldn’t take the place of a full out workout session, but it’s still activity and it still burns calories.

3. Put On Your Walking Shoes – Taxi, train, bus, public transportation…. Trade them all in for a good pair of walking shoes. That’s right, walk to your destinations! If you’re within 2 miles of a destination, I recommend walking there; you’ll burn a ton of calories and this allows you to explore the surrounding area. Remember, its summer time, take water with you and stay hydrated at all times!!

4. Take Advantage of Your Surroundings – Rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming in the ocean; take advantage of what nature has provided you. Most vacation spots have places where you can rent the equipment for such activities and sometimes even have guides to show you around during your activity. Be sure to get your family involved, it’s fun and challenging at the same time, best of all its an awesome calorie burn.

5. Don’t Over Indulge – By all means, enjoy yourself on vacation! Let it all hang out but remember indulging in food and cocktails isn’t the reason for vacation. I simply tell my clients, be aware of what you’re eating and simply make decent choices. Eat what you want, just remember, you don’t have to have 3 or 4 servings of what you’re eating.

About DeLano Daniels

After many years in health and fitness and enduring some of life’s hardest trials, DeLano Daniels launched his own fitness company Pin Fit in 2012 to help motivate, inspire, and guide individuals who are wanting to change their lives. Not only is DeLano a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, but also a sponsored athlete, natural bodybuilder, writer, and college graduate. When DeLano isn’t training for shows, he can be found training individuals for special occasions, personal goals, fitness competitions, and most importantly better overall health and wellness. For questions regarding fitness, nutrition, or training, contact DeLano at or 832-775-3590.

Getting PIN FIT – Summer Vacation? No Gym, No Problem!