Houston-area artist finds new canvas for creative expression

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(Last Updated On: April 24, 2019)

What began as a project to inspire the love of painting in his grandchildren has led Houston-area artist Tony Sherman to a new outlet for creative expression.

“I was shopping at a rock quarry to finish a waterfall project I was installing in my backyard when I saw someone I recognized. When I greeted her, she indicated she was collecting small rocks to paint little designs on for her grandchildren,” said Sherman.

Sherman shared the encounter with his wife who thought it was a great project to share with his own grandchildren.

The Crockett native, who has devoted his talents to authoring several books and screenplays in recent years, jumped on the idea and soon began painting more challenging art pieces on rocks.

“I’m a three-dimensional person, and I’m never confined to any one outlet. So, even as I have something going on in my head in one of those areas  I can place it on hold if a stronger energy comes from the other side,” said Sherman.

He has published eight books, two screenplays, and a stage play, and has another four manuscripts in the works. But for now, Sherman’s artistic skills are front and center as he focuses his attention on creating one-of-a-kind rock paintings that include images of animals, landscapes, flowers, and people.

Sherman is meticulous in approaching each piece and takes special care in selecting shapes and textures of rock to complement each painting.

“Painting on rocks is a very different way of expressing one’s talent. When I find a size rock that has the shape of an animal, and it is smooth, I can see the image on the rock before I begin preparing it for painting. Likewise, when I find one that I can paint a person or couple on, I choose it for that specific image. If I need to, I sand the rock to make sure the surface has no davits. Then it becomes like a canvas in a much smaller size,” he shared.

For Sherman, the finished product “seems much more powerful than when it’s on canvas.” “How many times have you seen a wedding couple painted on a rock or a raging tiger staring you down with his grimacing teeth?” said the Houston artist.

Sherman appreciates his wife for inspiring him to embrace his latest artistic endeavor.  “I tell people my wife lit a fire that rapidly grew into a blaze after my first painting. I wanted to really explore where I could take this as I searched for more and more images to paint.”

Since beginning his latest venture, a steadily-growing number of requests have come in for paintings of dogs, horses, wedding couples, anniversary gifts, awards, and flowers. He has even had interior decorators requesting unusual pieces for their clients on rocks.

For some requests, Sherman reverts to the traditional canvas.  “I can paint almost anything on a rock, however, sometimes people want multiple images which cannot fit on a rock so the images can be painted, but on canvas,” said Sherman.

Sherman has carved out a special place to paint and display his work in his home. He also includes space for his traditional artwork.

He is currently working on a collection of specialty rock paintings and also responding to incoming requests. “People love them. They are unique and unlike any other two-dimensional art and make wonderful gifts and keepsakes,” said Sherman.

The Houston-area artist can be reached at tonysherman2@yahoo.com for individuals who would like information on creating their own personal rock painting. You may also visit the artist’s Facebook page.

About Tony Sherman

The renowned Houston artist studied at The Famous Artist School in Connecticut, the Vogel Sculpture Studio in Passavaunt, France and served on the Texas Arts Commission. He is celebrated for his many artistic works, including a series on the Black American Cowboy and Native American Indians. Sherman sculpted the Protector’s statue on display at the entrance of the Missouri City Public Safety Complex,  a sculpture of Martin Luther King for MLK Early Childhood School, 9 ft. statue for the State of Texas Juneteenth Project, and a bust of Edgar Glover, former Willowridge High School principal. He also was named a Houston Point of Light by the Forward Times in recognition of his artistic contributions and has received numerous other accolades and recognitions.

Houston-area artist finds new canvas for creative expression