Jody Watley’s secret to a happy home: New home fragrances and candle line, and good music

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(Last Updated On: November 12, 2020)

“Candles have always been a mainstay for me – home, on tour in hotel rooms, dressing rooms, green rooms.. you name it. Creating peaceful spaces that also smell good – this is a natural new step for me to expand into the home and wellness marketplace.”  – Jody Watley

Singer and entrepreneur Jody Watley believes in the power of surrounding yourself with a relaxing scent and good music.

The iconic superstar is expanding her signature brand line with the release of home fragrances and candles, just in time for the holidays.

Now that November is here, we’re all just biding our time until the official start to the holiday season. And what better way to get yourself in the spirit than with a delicious smelling candle and home fragrance spray that smell like the tastiest of winter treats from the Jody Watley signature home line.

The Grammy winning and always fabulous trendsetter welcomes “Sanctuary” luxury soy candle and room fragrance spray with its comforting notes of green tea, lemon and vanilla limited-edition to her collection, now available exclusively at

I wanted to include a home line assortment, pieces essential to creating a home and speak to the Jody Watley aesthetic,” she said of her “Sanctuary” line, which includes candle ($25) and home fragrance ($45).

“I love putting them in the focal point of my favorite rooms and letting the scents fill the space,” she added.

Her brand extension emphasizes wellness and self-care with a touch of affordable luxury offering the experience quality products at its best from the ever-evolving singer and songwriter.

Get a head start on the holidays by filling your home with Jody Watley “Sanctuary” Luxury Soy Candle and Room Fragrance.

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Jody Watley’s secret to a happy home: New home fragrances and candle line, and good music